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The Magickal Cashbook Easy Ritual To Attract Money
03-02-2016, 08:00 AM
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Still working on $10,000 has not come in yet
nebo Mad
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03-02-2016, 08:40 AM
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(02-25-2016 08:40 AM)DeepBlueSea Wrote:  I bought a calligraphy marker and was finally able to replicate the seal by hand! Also I painted the cover in silver glitter.
[Image: 25216386676_277153f143_z_d.jpg]

Wow! Amazing!
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03-03-2016, 12:45 AM
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Asking for too much Nebo...

Deep blue sea damn that looks nice! Going to have to remake mine like that!! +11
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03-04-2016, 04:59 PM (This post was last modified: 03-04-2016 05:53 PM by DruidicGuy.)
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Used some acrylic paints on this plain blank artists book I bought, The damn soft cover was paper based although gave the illusion of another fabric and made any drawing with sharpie hard to do hence the crooked irregularities.

[Image: orange.jpg]

[Image: silver.jpg]
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03-04-2016, 09:08 PM
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Thank you! For me money = bling bling lol I like to use glitter gel pens when writing money petitions too.

Yeah, makes sense Tounge - contemporary materials do fit in with Magickal techniques, if you know how to "categorize" them.
Glitter has a very Mercurial aspect, Venusian as well, sometimes Yesod in the meaning of glamour and illusion. I use metallic inks as a booster for talismanic work on paper ( you can find easily silver, gold and even copper-clored metallic markers ). Not sure about the exact amount of real metal or minerals in them, but even a faint trace does work. Not to be compared with a plain metal talisman of course.

[Image: WF_banner2017.jpg]
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03-07-2016, 10:06 AM
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I finished all 11 days and crossed out the money amount I wrote down. No sign of the money yet and I am not going to start a new request since the first amount was the only pressing need.
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03-07-2016, 05:08 PM
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(03-04-2016 04:59 PM)DruidicGuy Wrote:  Used some acrylic paints on this plain blank artists book I bought, The damn soft cover was paper based although gave the illusion of another fabric and made any drawing with sharpie hard to do hence the crooked irregularities.

[Image: orange.jpg]

[Image: silver.jpg]

detailed lettering, wow - must have been a rabbi in a former life Wink

[Image: WF_banner2017.jpg]
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03-07-2016, 07:33 PM
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(01-07-2016 03:27 AM)Deebo Wrote:  This ritual doesn't require incense, candles, circle, triangle etc. It's really really simple. All it requires is an empty notebook, orange paint, gray or silver paint, and a black marker.

First thing first, you should buy a notebook. Ideally there should be no lines on its paper but its not vital.

You should paint the front cover gray or sliver and the back cover orange.

You can stick on card or paper if it’s easier. You can do this using cheap paints and a basic brush. You can get what you need at an art shop, or a kids’ store, or just look for something cheap around town. Nothing fancy is required.

The only problem you will face is that it may take several coats of paint to cover up the writing and logos on the cover. If that’s what it takes, then keep going until all you have are clear gray and orange covers.

A shortcut is to glue white paper or card onto the cover of your notebook, and then paint that, or use colored card or paper. It doesn’t have to be too special.

On the front cover you need a copy of this sigil:

(The third image or the sixth image)

This is Nitika's sigil, you could either draw it or print it and glue it on the front cover but its preferred that you draw it. The first sigil (the third one in the webiste) actually was drawn with a mistake. The name Nitika in hebrew was spelled backwards. Although Damon said that it worked like the original one (which is the sixth image on the website) you could still use the original one if you prefer but both work.

Now on the same website draw or print the fourth image on the back orange cover.

Open your notebook and on the first blank page, write down these words of power:


Once you have written them down, say the words out loud. They are pronounced as follows:
NAH sounds like the first part of nap, without the p.
KAR sounds like the word car.
YORD sounds like cord, but with a y instead of a c.
HAY sounds like the English word hay or hey.
VARV sounds like carve but starts with a v instead of a c.

Remember that a bold and confident attitude is far more important than correct pronunciation.

You’ve now built your magickal cashbook, and all you need to do is
empower it. Then you can begin to write your petitions in the book to manifest money.

(The Empowering Ritual)

In the following empowering ritual you will use the name Nitika. There are two ways to pronounce this, so use the one that feels easiest to you.

One way is to say KNEE-TEA-CAR, where you are literally using the English
words knee, tea and car.
A second pronunciation is KNEE-TEA-CAH. Again you use knee and tea.
CAH sounds like banker with the ban. Use your intuition when choosing one.

You should also learn to vibrate the name, which is just a fancy occult term
for letting the word really rumble out of you. When you speak, let the name come up from your belly, through the back of your throat. Make it feel as though you are giving birth to the word as you speak, rather than just whispering it. If this sounds puzzling, imagine how an actor would say a magickal name in a horror movie – they would let it rumble from deep within, almost gurgling through their throat in a deep roar.

Whatever type of voice you have, try to let the name of Nitika rumble through your throat. By vibrating the name in this way it has much more power.The rest of the ritual can be spoken normally, but all the words in capitals should be vibrated as above. If you need to work in private, you can whisper the words, or even say them in your head, but if you do, you must imagine them rumbling out of you loudly, to the very ends of the universe.

Find a time to be alone and calm your thoughts. Have a pen ready. Do not think about your needs or money. Instead, spend some time thinking about
something that you enjoy or like. Just ponder that for a while, breathing easily and deeply. Then, without giving much thought to what you’re doing perform the following steps:

1. Open your cashbook and vibrate the words NAH-KAR YORD HAY VARV

2. Close the cashbook and stare the center of the sigil on the front cover. Do not stare hard, but let your gaze move over the sigil and consider that this is a key that unlocks access to the spirit Nitika.

3. Still looking at the sigil, vibrate the name Nitika (KNEE-TEA-CAR) eleven
times. Count on your fingers if you have to. Make sure that minimal effort goes into counting, and most of your effort goes into feeling the name in your throat, and drinking in the sigil with your eyes. Know that you are actually calling to Nitika and that Nitika will now be aware of you.

4. Open the book and write the following words on the first page. If you go over onto the next page, that’s fine, just keep writing:

‘Nitika. Nitika. Nitika. In the name of EH-HEH-YEAH, YEAH-HO-VO-ELL-
OH-HEEM, and YEAH-HO-VO-ELL-OH-AH-VAY-DAH-ASS I call on Nitika, Nitika, Nitika. Oh Spirit Nitika, I command thee to shape the past and the
future to bring me wealth.’

[Here leave a space and draw a small
circle, about the size of an average coin]

Continue writing:
‘I command thee to bring me wealth in the names of SHAD-EYE-ELK-EYE and AH-DOE-NIGH-HA-AH-RETZ. Go now, and be ready to come when I call
you. Go peaceably without causing harm to me or my loved ones. Go!’
You do not need to say these words out loud yet.

5. When you’ve finished writing, close the book and turn it face down, so that you can see the orange side and the symbol that resides there. Leave the book for a few minutes, and then put it away for at least an hour. Just put it out of sight and get on with your day. Your Magickal Cashbook is now ready to attract money.

When you actually use the cashbook you will need to read the words of power out loud, so here is a guide to pronunciation. In truth, the pronunciation should be obvious just by reading the words, so this guide is only provided in case you’re confused:

EH is the same as yeah without the y.
HEH is the same as yeah but starting
with h instead of y.
YEAH is just like the English word

HO is the same as the English word ho
(like the fist part of hope).
VO sounds like ho, but starts with a v.
ELLis the same as bell without a b.
OH is the same as the English word oh.
HEEM is the same as deem, but with h instead of d.

AH is pronounced like a short version of
the Ahhhh you say when you see a cute
VAY is like day with a v instead of a d.
DAH is like dark without the k.
ASS is like ass obviously.

SHAD is like bad but with sh instead of b.
EYE is like eye.
ELK is like elk.

DOE is the same as English doe or dough.
NIGH is the same night without the t.
HA is the same as the English ha, which rhymes with far.
RETZ is like rats but with an e instead of an a.

With those words learned you're ready to rock and roll!

(Using Your Magickal Cashbook)

Now that your cashbook has been empowered, you need to learn the basic
ritual for using it. Each time you want to attract a specific amount of money, you will write that amount on a blank page as part of a ritual. You will repeat this for several days, until the money

When you begin, let’s imagine you want to find an extra $50. You will write $50 on the next blank page of your book. Draw a circle around the $50 you have written. Remember, this amount is yours to choose. For you it may be $10, or 10000$.

Here’s exactly what you do for the Attraction Ritual:

1. Perform this Attraction Ritual once a day, at any time of day. If you miss a day, it’s not the end of the world, but try to do this every day until the money shows up.

This shows commitment. If you show commitment, so will Nitika. If you don’t find the time, why should Nitika bother?

2. Sit in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Open your book and
vibrate the words NAH-KAR YORD HAY VARV HAY over and over until
you feel a sense of calm come over you.

3. Close the book and gaze at the sigil of Nitika on the cover for no more than a minute. Think of the amount of money you want to create. Most importantly, think about what you’ll do with this money. When you’ve got
the feeling of the money you want to attract, vibrate the name Nitika three
times while looking at the sigil.

4. Open the book and vibrate NAH-KAR YORD HAY VARV HAY, and then read out the first part of the invocation, starting with, ‘Nitika. Nitika. Nitika. In the name…’ using the pronunciations you have learned. When you get to the tiny circle that you drew, stop.

5. Turn to the next blank page in your book and write the amount you want to attract. In this example it is $50. Write $50 and put a circle around it. Use this same page every day until the money has manifested. (If you use a different currency, write down that currency.)

6. Now turn back to the first page and read everything that follows the tiny
circle, starting with, ‘I command thee…’

7. When you have finished reading,close the book, put it away and go do
something else.

8. Remember It’s almost impossible to stop thinking about your ritual, but it helps if you do something involving, such as making and eating food, going out, singing, calling somebody, or anything that involves physical exercise. If you find yourself dwelling on the ritual, remember to feel grateful for the result.

That’s it. Repeat every day. It might take a day or two for results to show up. It might take eleven days. It might take longer, but the money will turn up. It may turn up in a highly unexpected way. Don’t wait for it or look for it, but be glad when it does arrive. When you feel gratitude you are paying the spirit back with your emotions, and that makes for good future relations.

Kindly share the link for magickal Riches by Damon Brand with me.
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03-09-2016, 04:21 PM
Post: #39
(03-07-2016 05:08 PM)Hieronymus Wrote:  detailed lettering, wow - must have been a rabbi in a former life Wink

tee hee, aww shucks you charmer your making me blush. It means a lot especially coming from someone as artistically gifted as yourself.
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03-10-2016, 01:42 AM
Post: #40
Hi, Please can somebody send the pdf for ''Magickal Riches'' by Damon Brand
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