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The Magickal Cashbook Easy Ritual To Attract Money
08-06-2017, 09:38 PM (This post was last modified: 08-06-2017 10:17 PM by TheDreamer9.)
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Hello everyone

I'm new to this forum but would like to add my two cents regarding working with the Damon Brand Magickal Cashbook and in particular working with the spirit Nitika.

I purchased the book and it was delivered on 23 July 2017. So I've had the book for 14 days.

I purchased a small black unlined notebook from a local stationers with a black plastic cover (I couldn't find something with a suitable cover that could be painted on as most of it was plasticky/vinyl). I purchased orange and grey card and glue. Following the instructions in the book, I created the cashbook and put printed versions of the Nitika sigils on the front and reverse of the book. Before sticking the printed sigils to the front and back cover of the book, I printed out a couple of spares and spent a bit of time tracing over the outline of the sigils in an attempt to get to know them better so to speak. Anyway, I put two fresh sigils on both front and back covers of the book and traced over them to imprint them on to the book. I wrote the appropriate wording inside the book and empowered the book and charged the sigil/book, etc. I then put it away and went back to it the following night and for the first time performed the basic attraction ritual that is required to bring money. I have done the attraction ritual for 7 days and today it appears that the ritual has worked. It's come in an odd way as it actually came through my mom (she wanted to purchase something and will give me the money on receipt of the purchased goods. I've ordered them at full
price on a credit account, they are coming on Tuesday. The value of the items together with a surprise £30 cash back equates to £178.97. I asked for £180. So the amount I requested has manifested less £1.03p and I will get the physical money on Tuesday. (I've already been offered it this morning but prefer to wait until the goods have been received).

Some may not consider the above to be a success because I am basically ordering something on credit and will have to pay for it later even though I'm receiving the money upfront. However I DO consider it a success as technically I needed to find that physical cash within a very short time span (1-2 weeks) and other than a lottery win it was unlikely to manifest from anywhere other than 1 of 2 people. I will also add that i am open to the money coming by any means including borrowing it. My priority was to get the money, how it comes to me is irrelevant as I would have happily borrowed it if need be. I will continue to do the cashbook ritual for another couple of days until I'm in receipt of the physical money, then I will go and spend it on what it was designated for (keeping up my part of the bargain to use it for the purpose it was requested). I've already said thank you to Nitika but wish to say another big thank you on here;

***Thank you Spirit Nitika for listening, working with me and delivering to me what I asked for.***

Some background info:

I have always been interested in the occult, etc. I am very open minded but I am also a sceptic and I look for plausible scientific explanations for any unusual activities that I come across. My only real experience is in respect of having what I believe is the gift of mediumship and being able to communicate with the dead. I used to do this via dreams but now am able to do it whilst awake and sitting with others. I also tend to accurately predict pregnancies and rather unfortunately various accidents before they happen to the person.

Regarding this experiment with Nitika and the cashbook. My only prerequisites were that I came to it with an open mind (I'm already open minded), I believed that the cashbook would work and that the money would manifest. I was also not desperate in the sense that regardless of whether or not it worked, I would still be able to pay for the thing I needed the money for as other money is due to me anyway this week. So technically it didn't matter whether or not it worked as I still have the means to pay for what I needed the money for. I believe that this helped significantly as I was not lusting after the result or persistently dwelling on it. I just did the ritual in good faith, with sincerity, humbleness and a good degree of respect and gratitude.

The amount that I requested is comparatively small but I chose that sum for a reason, it was to pay a specific bill. Originally I was going to ask for about £1200 as a starting figure but decided against it. I thought I would try to build a 'relationship' with Nitika before asking for larger sums.

I will add that it was difficult to find a quiet private space to do the rituals but I did it late after everyone was asleep. The first night after performing the ritual I woke up with a weird but very strong buzzing sensation all over my skin (I normally get this when I'm making contact with the other side (mediumship)). The second day I had a dream that Nitika was contacting me and telling me to go through some old stuff so as soon as I got up I did but did not find anything other than a very important phone number I thought I'd lost years ago, this number from a financial perspective is VERY important to me for helping to bring extra income - so I also said thank you for that too. TBH, that phone number is probably worth that £180 I requested many times over). Even though I didn't think I would find anything I looked as I was told to do in my dream so if it was Nitika communicating, at least he/she was aware that I was receptive to any communications. For the most part this is how I get my knowledge or premonitions of future events anyway - so this method of communication is normal to me.

Sorry for the long post but some might find it helpful.
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08-24-2017, 01:46 AM
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I really appreciate the detail that you put into this post.

I've not used this approach yet but you've inspired me to finally give this a go.

Nice one!

Wishing you all the best.
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11-11-2017, 10:19 AM
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I have the book, but wanted to ask a few questions from you guys who had success with this.

How is your financial situation? Are you struggling - or just using the book to get a little extra on the side?
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