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The Ten Timeless Principles
02-28-2017, 08:59 AM
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I've read over these ten principles and I agree with them all.

These principles have nothing to with liberal or conservative. If everyone followed these principles life would be so much better

The ten timeless principles espoused by Natural News and the Health Ranger

#1) Protection of Life (and its sustainability) : This includes the environment and ecosystem, the lives of children and even the lives of unborn children who are far along in their fetal development.

#2) Ending the suffering of all conscious beings: Preventing disease, promoting nutrition for lifelong health, protecting animals and standing against corporate pollution and unjustified war where civilians or nations needlessly suffer. This also includes freeing people from tyranny, torture and inhumane treatment from dark regimes such as China and North Korea.

#3) Preserving and expanding human knowledge, awakening and consciousness: Sharing knowledge freely with the world, uncovering knowledge that’s not well known but highly relevant to humanity’s progress, and fighting against the censorship of knowledge and science.

#4) Teaching and protecting individual liberty and self-reliance: Helping people learn how to grow more of their own food and herbal medicines, promoting adherence to the Bill of Rights, educating people about the need for liberty and the separation of powers in any government system.

#5) Collecting and sharing human knowledge on health, medicine, the environment and science: This includes sharing knowledge that’s censored by the status quo, which includes philosophical discussions of consciousness, analysis of “forbidden science” such as LENR, and teaching the real history that’s suppressed by the public indoctrination centers known as “schools.”

#6) Exposing those who harm or deceive others: This is why we sometimes expose especially harmful, deceptive or dangerous people who pose a risk to humanity.

#7) Living a purposeful life that makes a substantial contribution to humanity: While most of society seems focused on personal greed or hedonistic entertainment, I don’t feel a life is worth living unless it is a purposeful life that makes a strong contribution to humanity.

#8) Empowering others with critical thinking skills so they can overcome the hypnosis and programming of the status quo: In this way, we hope to increasingly live in a society where people can think for themselves rather than functioning as obedient sheeple in a manipulative, twisted society.

#9) Preventing the “suicide cult” of humanity from destroying itself through stupidity and greed: As operating today, humanity is a “suicide cult” that seems determined to destroy itself. I hope that doesn’t happen, and we all work to enlighten humanity by pointing out its self-destructive behaviors that need to be avoided.

#10) Expanding, exploring and sharing connections with nature and the Divine: Mother Nature is divine, as is all life in our universe. Where society is full of lies and hatred, nature is blessed with truth and love. Here at Natural News, we work to help people connect more with nature and love for all life. This effort is, of course, mocked by those who are steeped in hatred, destruction and evil.
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