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The story of a man devoted to the magic
04-28-2017, 08:27 PM
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(04-20-2017 09:45 AM)Calicifer Wrote:  Well, that isn't an argument now, isn't?

I do not know how much this "selling your soul for everything" is true, but you need to take one look at occult communities around the world and you will see that they are at the bottom of Financial food chain. My experiences with people invovled in this area in one way or another varies from not only being peniless, but also without soul and sanity to moderate wealth of middle class.

I do not deny that it is impossible, I'm just saying that this is a lot harder than it is made to think and most of the people are toiling away in their shitty jobs, asking for little things in life. Also, people often confuse things to point of stupidity. For example, my Christian friend told how priests in India are wealthy and how it is God's reward. Dumb fuck could not see how they are playing people's faith to gather huge amounts of donations. Selling their souls to the devil so to speak. I also think that people here might be confusing things. Like for example me, I have long glowing CV. I will soon have to luxurious diplomas. One biomedical engineering in bachelors and another in cyber security in masters. It is not like I will be struggling my entire life and I need no magick for that. Getting a job and starting a career is given, that matters is how smooth this process will be. Thus, I cannot just say that someone had given that to me even if I called them up to help me in interview or something since I made 99% work already. They just pushed me through finish line at most.

>jumps right to selling one's soul

You are definitely a noob.

Ever heard of Anna Riva? She was very wealthy when she died. Her life was devoted to the occult. Not to mention countless others who simply didn't care to publicize their work for attention.

Ever been to the Caribbean? You will find MANY wealthy spiritual workers who live long and comfortable lives. I know of a Mambo with five homes and has one of the largest peristyles Haiti.

Making an assumption because you haven't been out in the world enough is incredibly arrogant.

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I serve God with my right hand and the Devil with my left.
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04-30-2017, 05:43 AM (This post was last modified: 04-30-2017 05:46 AM by Calicifer.)
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You do often buy into your own bullshit without having no grounding point:

Quote:In 2000, the owner of Indio Products, Marty Mayer, stated that the woman known as Anna Riva was suffering from Alzheimer's disease. In Spiritual Merchants (2001), Carolyn Long wrote "Dorothy Spencer is now quite elderly and, unfortunately, suffers from Alzheimer's disease, so I was unable to interview her."[3] She died in 2003.

The thing with her is that she produced something which was essentially a free market. How much it was due to occult and savvy business sense remains to be seen. As I had mentioned before, people do not understand that occult is the market same as spirituality. If a priest becomes wealthy it is not that he was personally rewarded by Jesus for his service. It is merely he lives off donations from their followers who often are too generous for their needs. If you are selling product which is in high demand, it is not a matter how many Gods will try to curse or bless it, you will still make a lot of money as a result.

Outside of baseless claims, I never seen anything more solid. When I refer to wealth, I do refer to one which is not, you know, earned by your own hard work in your day job. It is like thanking Gods for every dollar you get from you middle class job for which you studied and worked for yourself every day. By looking at claims here, you would think that with such power ones could be liberated by such constrains entirely, but I guess, I'm the only one who figured out that without having a day job, one could really ramp up what he wants to do. Priorities I guess. You should also calm down and re-read my comments, since it is you yourself who is making assumptions and insulting other members.
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