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Though it be not Herbal.. Insects.
07-20-2017, 04:36 AM
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I've had a long history of the Kingdom of Insectia acting as familiars. They show up in my life as omens and Signs. I have a mental correspondence list for most of them, Moths, mantids, beetles etc.

My question: Are there any grimoires or magick books dealing with the insect world? I'm developing an insect tarot, and would like to attempt contacting the MetaSpirit/angels-demons of certain insect species.

I hope this is the right sub forum.

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07-30-2017, 10:39 AM
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I'd be curious to know what types of correspondences you've experienced with mantids? I feel as though I have seen dead mantids at turning points in my life. I also have one tattooed onto me, but that was well before I ever saw that correspondence. Just curious as to what your experience has been, more specifically.
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08-05-2017, 06:45 AM
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Generally it's a spiritual power, the type reflected within "the heirophant" trump. I find that when self reflecting, or truly discovering the wonder and ruthless nature of this garden earth, they tend to manifest and give me weird predatory, cock eyed stares before vanishing again.

They tend to remind me that stillness and mimicry are natures way of both avoiding conflict, and achieving goals. Monkey see, monkey do. (As noted while observing their habit of weaving with the leaves. They out smart their prey by blending in.)

They are one of two species with the extreme range of motion where their neck and head meet. The other being the true hornet. True killers, with a reverence for their surroundings.

Not to mention the female devouring the male after breeding!

I hope this answered your question.
Perhaps i should write a book on the Spiritus Insectia?..
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08-05-2017, 06:47 AM (This post was last modified: 08-05-2017 06:52 AM by Feywer96.)
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Dragonflies are often said to be "fairies", perhaps because they "come and go" only a short time during the season. Ladybugs, Worms, Beetles, Cockroaches and Snails all have magical associations and are often involved in conjurations in classical witchcraft. Leland's Aradia mentions them many times, the reasons being that these critters are seen as crucially pertaining to the chthonic mysteries of the soil - sometimes viewed as inherently magical because from that comes all of our foods. And without food we wouldn't live. And so these overlooked creatures are invoked too, for their importance and the roles they play in the web of life. Which is recognized.
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08-05-2017, 08:38 PM
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You might look through a Chinese herbal textbook such as Bensky's Materia Medica for inspiration. Insights into the nature of various insects as they affect the human body upon consumption include temperature, organ, elemental and planetary correspondences, action, indications, etc.
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08-05-2017, 09:55 PM
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just ye good old totem lore...
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08-07-2017, 07:03 AM (This post was last modified: 08-07-2017 07:05 AM by Jaeganthorn.)
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It occurred to me just now, in order to assign tarot cards to Insectia, i should probably divine their places within the zodiac, the planets and the elements before i attempt to organize the tarot.

I also just wanted to add how it was that they came to magically associate with me. I was three years old, living in Hawaii; this is actually my first memory; and i crawled into a hive of Hawaiian Fire Ants. They quickly covered my whole body. After they decided to make a meal of me, i went into anaphylactic shock and was rushed to the hospital. At three years old i had a NDE, and was looking at the entire city as well as my body below me. I remember having a giggle with an intelligence/entity about how silly it was that i could be subdued by something so small. It seemed to apologize, and gave me a telepathic impression that it was in my debt for having almost killed me.
I came-to swollen and itching in the hospital, and I've been connected, in some manner, to the insect kingdom ever since. That was thirty years ago.

Cut to the magician- with an "armchair" entomologist degree. I've been trying to trace a path of coherency through the insectic comings and goings, some visitations meaningless, some warnings, others very specific messages. I find quite often someone is trying to get in touch with me when black butterflies come near me. Different types of beetles usually represent different 'jobs/opportunities' when they show up in places out of the ordinary, etc.
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