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What is the function of fear?
04-09-2017, 04:32 PM (This post was last modified: 04-09-2017 04:44 PM by Endall.)
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Fear is based in the survival instinct encoded in the body as the fight or flight mechanism, but with the invasion of a cosmic energetic mind virus I refer to as the hapiym (HAcker Program In Your Mind), and what others have referred to as Wetiko, which attaches to the ego and the body's fight or flight mechanism, humans have learned to live in fear of any possible bad thing happening to them, whether they are threatened or not.

This Hapiym virus, for all intents and purposes is the subconscious collective mind theorized by Carl Jung. This invasive and infectious hapiym virus feeds off human emotions of all kinds and artificially amps up every emotional response possible to feed itself. Every human being has been infected by this mind virus since humans were created. The hapiym virus operates from a collective hive mentality and it mimics its host making the host believe that the virus is the host. The is the hapiym-created false self ego that must be transcended to advance one's consciousness beyond its control through fear and emotional manipulation. Conquer the hapiym virus and its effects in the psyche and you free your consciousness from it forever and become a truly cognitively free individual.

It is also due to the hiving nature of the hapiym virus that humans cluster in herds, for the virus itself creates this mandate in our psyche to improve its food supply in a group environment. If anyone is interested in my book on the subject, it is called The Energetic War Against Humanity: The 6,000 Year War Against Human Cognitive Advancement which can be purchased at my website for a discount, or can be found on Amazon of Kindle.
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04-10-2017, 01:49 AM
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Likely to help you get out of a dangerous situation. What they call fight or flight.
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