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Who broke karma?
08-31-2017, 07:13 AM
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I had a crazy day which confuses the living shit out of me. Well, I will start it from the top. There was a certain group which I fucked royally, well, I fucked everyone who dared in some way to fuck with me. I left with a bang and a lot of people hated me for it, for what I had done. I enjoyed to emerge as a top dog, though was little dissapointed by lack of challenge.

So, there is a guy who clearly knows what I had done to everyone. I also stole some money out of him, because he was a dick to me. I respect him though, since he is busisness man and from upper layer of society though. So, he was trying to contact me for almost a week now and today I found out that he was actually offering me a job. A manager position with analytical thinking focus. I was like, wtf? Wtf is happening. I was avoiding him, thinking that he want to lure me into the trap, I was reading my tools and claws to dance with this kitten once more and now this.

It is not first time when people around me consider me intelligent beyond belief. Though, I often feel underapreciated for my eternal brilliance, but I know that he is serious guy, he runs business for decade now and this position is really considerable one. Starting as a manager in "start up" with decent pay is serious career boost. I sadly could not accept his offer for I'm leaving to different country, but I was amazed at how said opportunities just begging to be popped by me left and right.

Later that day there was a newish girl which annoyed me at work. I had showed her everything, helped her around. In the end I got screamed by all three of my bosses for abandoning goods for a brief time, despite telling her that it is yours, do it and I will come back soon to help you. She left, goods were left alone, I took all the emberrasment and shame. Now consider this, I steal a lot of shit from that place. Like, I'm getting fat from all the ice cream I eat out of that shop. I sleep several times during the day. I read and play from my phone. I done this for two months without nobody getting any wiser. And yet, the only trouble I had was due to incompetence of others. Though, it was always like this. I cannot trust humans to do anything with me. They always mess up and it is exercise in patience with them. You better do everything yourself since it is only matter of time when they will dissapoint you and will leave you wanting at best or being blamed for everything at worst.

It was quite a day, but I could not shake that feeling of broken karma. It is like I'm actively getting rewarded by some intelligence for naughty things I do and punished for any good deed I try to. For example, I could not find a girl when I tried to love them, to respect them. Now when I look them as dolls to be played with, I feel overwhelmed by how much attention I receive from opposite gender. It is funny how life works, isn't? Smiling

Anyways, do you get that feeling? It is like from the point when I decided to switch sides, everything had changed. This is only the latest and most intense example. I seem to easily be able to get away with all the naughty things since I'm brilliant, charming and handsome too. I crack the system within first day, like how to steal all the shit from my work which I want no matter of heavy surveillance, lol. Though, I always was punished in one or other way if I try to do things as they should be done. Either nothing is working or some unique complications for me emerges. I often feel that my future, my possible, realistic actions now include a lot more possibilities in said direction since karma simply seems to had inversed and flows backwards then it accounts for me. It seems,
that people and world will only take me into consideration as something serious if I will brute force my way in. People just ignored, showed me by the sides before as I would be nothing. It is always were and always will be like this if I will not dare to forge my own path. If a person thinks he can ignore me, maybe little blackmail will change his mind? Smiling
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08-31-2017, 07:35 AM
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Just out of curiousity, do you ever have anybody that threatens to hate or dislike you if you decide to be the Bad Guy instead of the Good Guy? If so, then wouldn't that be just Pathetic.

[Image: usermedia.php?uo=uW4M4OjFxsZfoRhUf%2FqvSIh4l5k2TGxc]
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08-31-2017, 08:14 AM (This post was last modified: 08-31-2017 08:17 AM by Calicifer.)
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That sentence I think turned out to have opposite meaning than one you had meant it to be. No, I do not have anything like that. Though, I did observed an interesting tendency for people to get hurt or them to run into issues the next day when they were mean to me previous one. Few days ago, my mother was really, really mean to me. Next day, she was experiencing all kind of difficulties, like for example, electronics broke down only to recover an hour later or so. Day after that, she had a car accident and now is heavily exhausted due to stress and anxiety. Life is funny, isn't? Though, she had served her purpose. Her car accident is a very good thing, because local shamans told that someone in our family are very likely to have one of these, since we two only drive, it seems I'm safe. Or I'm?

Though, in reality, as I told you all before, it is impossible to live without rivals. All I need to do is to flex my wings, make a sound and rivals will come gathering in line for me. It seems that people are just hell bound to attack me. Humanity is inherently rotten and thus, I'm either a bitch or I make others my bitches. There is no other way.
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09-01-2017, 06:30 AM
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Today I was running for the bus and missed it. Only for two guys from further back to start shouting. I ignored them. They drive to me and were persistent that they can give me a lift. I did not sensed any danger from them, they were only two men after all. I sensed opportunity, change of direction within that car, you know, there is always that point from where things go south. That offer seemed to imply more than a lift back home. Ech, me. It seems that something every day like this happen to me. Smiling
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