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pick up magick
12-09-2016, 12:08 PM
Post: #21
It seems to be a mystery at this forum. But I agree with you totally.

We fuck it up. I take total responsibility for my pending divorce. I caused it. I would get upset and guess what I did.
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12-13-2016, 11:11 PM
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Every time we make love, every time two people physically enjoy each other in this way, we slap Death across it's bony face.

Magic: When you pull a rabbit out of a hat...
Magick: When the rabbit pulls you out of a hat...
In either case, you should keep a jaundiced eye on that hat...
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12-21-2016, 12:59 PM (This post was last modified: 12-21-2016 01:02 PM by MagnusAbatha.)
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Going to agree with Ares. Here are some things that I find factual, with all due respect to the other posters.

* Do not take romance advice from women (as a man). Just don't. Period.
* Never become friends first with someone you are romantically attracted to. NEVER. One of the biggest mistakes men make.
* Men and women that are not in already involved in a romantic relationship will usually struggle to have a deep friendship, because inevitably the sexual dynamic will always exist and 'feelings' will interfere with the friendship. If they have already been in a relationship, the friendship is much more possible.
* If you decide to pursue a romance with her, the friendship will end, and must end, and you must insist on their only being a romantic interest or nothing. Nice/beta guys struggle with this, and that's why they are always lonely and single.
* You already reek of beta male, by your own admissions and behavior, and you will struggle with all of this unless you get your shit together, find your masculine center, and make an effort to learn the true dynamics of male/female polarity.
* Magic should be used only as an enhancer. Without any real game and practical relationship knowledge (that most people don't have or even try to learn), magic is useless beyond attraction (even then, there are a lot of issues which can negate you).
* you must deprogram all the crap that society has programmed into you about 'love', chasing women like clowns, putting all your cards on the table...etc. Do not send her flowers, tell her she is beautiful... any of that crap from the movies/books, because it's bullshit.
* go to Coach Corey Wayne Youtube.. the best relationship/dating coach for men online. Read his book 10-15x. It will change your life.
* inner game ALWAYS comes first. If you don't change who you are on the inside and your attitudes about yourself and your relationships, you will keep going in circles.

My advice: flat-out tell her you have romantic feelings towards her (do NOT use the L word (LOVE)), and tell her you can't be friends with her anymore because of this. Be confident. Tell her you only have a romantic interest in her, and that's it.. PERIOD. Don't make it too much a drama or a depressing situation. Be a MAN (hard for what passes for men these days). If she is interested, set up a date and don't talk about it anymore. On the date, don't get into the friendship thing, and if she keeps bringing it up, put your foot down again that it is romance or nothing. She may possibly get pissed and drop you. Whatever. Walking away is how you get your power back. WALKING AWAY IS POWERFUL, and while it may sting, this is how you live life on YOUR terms.

I disagree that human relationships are so hard to understand. When you get the fundamentals down they aren't so difficult whatsoever. Just like anything, you learn by studying from people who are good at it. Coach Corey Wayne Youtube. I am proud that I never have to say that old "I don't understand women." that men are so apt to be frustrated by. I understand women, and I understand the dynamics of relationships now. I'm not a master yet, but I'm pretty damn good at this point. But I'm not here to convince anyone. Take my advice or keep struggling. It makes no difference to me. Already in this post, I've given you some gems that most men will never know or even try to figure out (the ego gets in the way).

But I can tell you now.. it will be hard. If she doesn't have any romantic feelings for you, your relationship will be over and there will never be any recovery. The friendship (which was a farce to begin with, since there was a sexual dynamic at least from one side) will never be the same. The fact she already knows so much about you (and thus there is no mystery) will hurt you, or aid you if she has romantic feelings towards you already. The fact you have no knowledge of any of this, and are seemingly a 'nice guy', will likely mean she never had any real sexual attraction to you anyway. Women are generally not attracted to beta males or nice guys, and once they get a whiff of that you can kiss sexual attraction right out the window.

However, what do you have to lose? I would rather just put it out there, myself, and let the dice roll where they may, than be secretly in love with someone who doesn't love me back. I wouldn't torture myself, ever, for any woman like that again in my life, and neither should any other man. You deserve more.

This isn't the movies. Life isn't fair, and sexual dynamics between men and women are very brutal and not for the faint of heart. Coach Corey Wayne will straighten you out, but most guys are looking for magical quick fixes, and won't put in any work. No amount of powerful magic will make up for beta male/nice guy behavior. Period. You either have the game to back up your magic, or magic will only take you so far (and not even close to being far enough). There are exceptions probably, but this is the rule. Good luck.

This is a video for you, my friend. CCW is the SHIT. He *will* change your life.

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12-21-2016, 11:36 PM
Post: #24
(11-22-2016 03:11 AM)Hagen Van Horne Wrote:  If she's been a true friend for like eleven years, I wouldn't put that at risk for anything, as I think true friendships are really valuable in this world, and there are other fish in the sea.

If you want to know if she possibly feels the same about you, a divination might tell you enough about your chance at success with the lady. If the outcome indicates chances are slim, I'd just cherish the friendship and move on.

For the rest, pretty much like Steampunk said.

Well formulated Sir Hagen Smiling

[Image: WF_banner2017.jpg]
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12-22-2016, 12:04 AM
Post: #25
MagnusAbatha thanks for telling about Corey Wayne. I had a look at his videos and they are excellent!
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12-30-2016, 05:25 AM
Post: #26
When I'm afraid and want to be brave. I become someone who is fearless. Assertive and is the most intimidating man I've ever come across.
I transform.
Try doing that. The mind is powerful. Your expression and body language can go a very long way.
Be who you want to be.
Do what you set out to do.
but study your goal and lead the person to you. Have them ask you out rather than the other way around. It is possible but only if you believe and have confidence and know what they want and use that to your advantage. But if they reject or the "fish doesn't bite" then perhaps it wasn't meant to be.
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