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09-13-2017, 07:15 AM
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Yeah... I rember when wargaming on tabletop was in. Games Workshop ... Ah i miss Reaper miniatures and Ral Partha. Oh and Dunken Co to cast thine own figurines.

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09-15-2017, 05:20 AM
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Now, about said soldiers. Women simply cannot compete with men. Even of examples of extremely strong women, they are decisively outcompeted by men in all categories. This is why there are separation of genders.

Here is my point that in vast majority of cases, women are massively weaker than men.

This is part of why women cannot compete with men. They are naturally weaker than us. You lack necessary testosterone to have same physical traits as us. Furthermore, you are far less resistant to heavy burden which comes with heavy physical exercise. In addition women are a lot more weaker to the horrors of war. You cannot compete us on psychological front, physical one and you inherently require special treatment like showering and toilet priveleges which are incompactible with a soldier's life.

The larger issue is that it seems that women do in fact can be introduced to combat roles as it is written here. Furthermore, early studies seem that they will suffer no more PTSD than men. Though, such application is rather a symptom of the whole military. The issue here is that introduction of women en mass to combat role represents degradation of whole combat group. Women statistically perform worse or at the bottom with men. Most are unable to compete if they are not getting special treatment and ones who do receive such treatment are toxic to said military.

There are certain issues for example. It is fun little tendency for women to get raped in military since duh. Put females near testosterone and adrenaline full males and of course you will get that. It is enjoyable and entertaining and war, sex are one and the same as death and life. Here is an issue. You really cannot create a proper fighting force if one part of it are ought to be treated special. It is not like you can separate women from men without compromising spirit of the regiment and cohesion of the unit. Women must sleep with men. Plain and simple when it comes to squad based performance. You cannot let little princess any perks for being a women. Thus, if you want to make military fair, you naturally make women suffer and masspread rape is something which you have to get accustomed to.

There is a good reason of why it is universally accepted that women is simply a bad idea in the army. While women can perform just as well in some cases, I do not believe in the rights of the individual when it is put against the rights of the group. Individual is always less important than the group.

Or in other words, women in the military is a threat to the national security. It is political agenda which has no value and it seriously degraded performance of an army. For us, it is good, I would love to see our armies smash through ever weak Nato forces, but that is just a dream. I'm fine in letting you to destroy yourselves since it is obvious for anyone with knowledge in this area that this is self-destructive act with no real need. It is typical for dying and about to be destroyed civilization to start doing bullshit left and right. It is first symptoms of collapse.
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09-15-2017, 07:02 AM (This post was last modified: 09-15-2017 07:08 AM by Calicifer.)
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The general issue is in my attitude towards the military. Nato is a pathetic piece of trash. You just need to knock the door hard enough and entirety of it shall collapse. Though, it is typical of westerners. Occupation of Europe is easy task and it would fall within a week. This is due to several reasons. From my attitude towards military and how it would be treated to western attitude towards it. For one, Nato is laughable organization nowadays. The only real military is of USA. Others are grossly underfunded and Nato troops have to take brooms into training and shout "RATATATA' when practicing in international exercises. It is hilarious, but it shows how just severely not ready Nato in Europe is to endure full out invasions. The key to successful occupation is several fold:

1) Sufficient surprise preventing from real preparation against invasion and paralyzing nation in innaction when war hits;
2) Having sufficient quantity and quality of troops to overwhelm and to secure crucial tasks in your campaign;
3) Having sufficient amount of real men and heroes to sacrifice on the anvil of war;

These are qualities necessary for successful invasion. The thing about Nato is that it relies on hyper expensive platforms and weapons systems while degrading infantry importance. In my eyes, said infantry is of paramount importance in the modern conflict and it needs to be employed in new and more advanced ways. The thing about my military campaigns and my nature in war is very similar to SS divisions. I'm as a man murderous and fanatical. Said SS divisions were naturally shock troops. While other men are cowardly weaklings, SS divisions were eager for bloodshed and it was rather more difficult to stop them than to send them into fighting. They would take extensive casualties in crushing the enemy while normal army would just stand off at engagement distance and slowly and methodically grind each other out or better still, starve the other out of supplies.

In so doing, for me it is paramount huge quantities of quality troops. More than half of all troops would consist of special regiments like paratroopers, special operations, naval marines and saboteurs while men of more standard infantry regiments would be trained for deep operations behind enemy lines and be expected to perform extremely aggressive and independent movements from the main force. In other words, my style of fighting consists somewhat of combination of German blitzkrieg and Russian deep operations doctrine. Though, in my way, my military campaigns would seem more like invasion of musli...I mean, mass migration of people. In a sense that I do not consider the quality of the troops when it comes to conscripts important. Their goal is to take every inch of ground possible. Thus, pinning down enemy troops and surrounding them, prohibiting their movement while superior forces advance deeper into the enemy rear, disorganizing them. Within a day, capitals of our enemies shall fall for I will be paradroping and infiltrating my troops into your settlements prior operations. Same stands for every worthwhile object. War against me would seem as a madman's struggle. Cut communications, powers. EMP blasts knocking out electronics and mass blockade of communications. World would black out and cold night would come. In this kind of war, personal valor and initiative matters the most. You would be fighting against brutal men who does not consider lives of human being worthwhile consideration.

To conclude, I perceive war as extreme intensity conflict. I will take down the governments and all ruling bodies of the government within a day. I will cause chaos and havoc while my military would be designed for an endless march without no turning back. Such tactics directly counters Nato doctrine of superior firepower, negating ALL of their advantages of expensive supply and logistical chains. It negates all their technology advantage and directly puts the emphasis on the actions of small units actions.

In this environment, I do not consider women as capable fighters/warriors. You see, you are talking about armies where very expensive support chain is always at hand. Where soldiers are focused on low intensity engagements. Engage the enemy, go back to repairs and rest. Unit rotation, hospitals, repair facilities, heck, even kitchens are provided. I'm talking about armies who wage war in such a way that you have nothing. As a soldier, you will not be fed. You will not receive additional ammo or water. Your gear and vehicles will not be repaired. You will not be evacuated when wounded. Even more, you will not be allowed to sleep for several days. Your body will have to endure deadly workloads where one who stumbles are one man left behind. In this kind of environment, I would push my soldiers extremely brutally during training. It is combination of drugs and abusive exercises. All of them is focused not on draining person to exhaustion in short period, but executing long and tireless campaign of extreme intensity. Thus, the weakest chain is the one which will loose us the war. I cannot allow women to compromise performance of my combat units, though, cannon fodder is always welcome in all-women regiments where they can prove their worth.

I do not consider that a soldier deserves a right to sleep during opening salvos of military campaign. In said weeks, frontline is highly undecided. You can crush far stronger giant because you induce collapse in his lines. If you fail, you can be crushed in return. Modern military does not realize the sheer importance of surprise and speed in modern day conflict. It is hell on Earth to fight through the enemy, but if the enemy did not had a chance to prepare and to organize themselves, you will not encounter anything more than sporadic fire.

Though, in all honesty, I need women to patrol supply lines and to keep garrison duty. They are less...genocidal when it comes to peace time patrolling. Neither when minor resistance stops first wave, they will be as inclined to eradicate the entire settlement in hours of orgy of destruction through which my soldiers would be expected to proceed assaulting said city while chemical and pyrotechnical weapons are being unleashed upon entire population center. I'm much like Mongols in my ability to completely dominate weaker men. You either submit or you will die. As you see, against men like me, entire world would rather submit than fight me.

Sadly, I'm afraid that I'm the only one capable of waging such war. There isn't men like me capable of such ferocity during the war. SS regiments were the last ones which consistently made me be remotely impressed by them. Where ones even utilized combat magick to obliterate their enemies in psychotic, fanatical onslaught.
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09-15-2017, 12:48 PM
Post: #204
Europe already fell. Its full of muslims.

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09-15-2017, 05:12 PM
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Gr8 b8 m8

A pebble at the source of the Nile and all the world is changed.
Precision beats power, and timing beats speed.
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09-15-2017, 10:08 PM
Post: #206
(09-15-2017 12:48 PM)ZackDuckers Wrote:  Europe already fell. Its full of muslims.

It is sad really. I would wish to see Russia crushing Nato in Europe. Though, anything which would prevent war is beneficial. Especially when world got a second chance with the Trump.
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09-19-2017, 07:01 AM
Post: #207
Trump cant do crap when all three branches of government are against him. He will be a lame duck trying to get help from any side; thus his reaching out to democrats. Hell he was a flaming liberal years back. Honestly... The whole repub party seems to be rhinos and clowns.

Not much of anything will get done, because there is obviously a higher sect of rules being followed and an agenda being dolef out.

What i see:
1 payer govt health care
National id card
Elimination of physical currency (either solid credit, cryptocurrency, or a one world currency)
More "security" as in worse than the system in britain (and they watch everything i hear)
Less freedom
More online management of everything we do.

2020 will be suckage in that department. I still see people flying off their decks and getting passports. So bad it be the post here requires you make "appointments."

Didnt used to be like that.

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09-19-2017, 07:31 AM
Post: #208
It is fine and completely natural. All empires collapse. All currencies die. Time is just up for USA to collapse due to its won sins. The enlightened ones adapt with new times rather than stay with the sinking ship.
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09-19-2017, 10:06 AM
Post: #209
USA is like the old Roman Empire in ways. Eh... The real manipulators are beyond country boundaries. Yeah yeah conspiracy conspiracy.... Or is it Kahn Spice Piracy. Yarrrg!!

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09-19-2017, 10:31 AM
Post: #210
Well, it is a matter of perspective. No empire in history had ever fallen due to conspiracies. Reasons of why someone had collapsed often are very simple and obvious. Like with Romans, the only reason they had failed is that their citizens had grown soft and weak. They became "civilized" and were conquered by nobodies. Doesn't it ring a bell to Eurpeans, hmm? Roman Empire became decadent, it started various idiotic projects which weakened it. Two main reasons were these: people did not wanted to pay taxes anymore, shocker. And they did not wanted to serve in military anymore. Roman Empire was built on hardy, responsible men. Remove said founding blocks away, everything crumbles.
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