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Bio: Most of this is copy and pasted from my introduction post but I've added some things. I've been interested in the occult ever since I was a kid. As a teenager I dabbled in magic, lucid dreaming, and astral projected for my first time. My life was chaos for several years and put it at the back of my mind for the time being. I studied the occult a bit more after that, mainly writing long poetic spells, learning about the gods and bought a few ejyptian God statues. Life got busy again and and then after that tried to find truth in the bible but did not find it. I've learned a lot about deception in this world over the last several years as well and that has helped me to form my current beliefs. I was having a lot of nightmares. I also had positive dreams that seemed to be guiding me towards the truth I had been seeking. Sometimes I came to a point where I felt that some things were just not possible to learn but every time i put forth effort to find the truth, one piece of the puzzle would lead me to the next. I would go off my most recent bit of information and just see where it took me. A few months ago I began to meditate in bed for the first time. I revoked all Judaic religions and accepted Enki as my one true God. Not to warship, but to honor and learn from him in my road to enlightenment that I hope is to come. I soon got a vision during that meditation. I didn't realize what it meant until the next day. This vision was more then I had ever gained as far as validation then from any other religious path I had took thus far so I went with it and have continued meditating almost every day since. I now have the opinion that one must empower their souls through mediation in order to have the best results with everything from spirit contact to easier astral projection. I guess I will see if it's true after a few years if I have become more powerful. I'm interested in learning new meditation techniqes and I'm very motivated to work towards raising my kundalini in a safe manner. I believe meditation is the core to occult powers and to me more important then any spell could do. I'm also interested in learning to vibrate runes. My only concern is how much information has been lost and changed over the years. It's hard to know if it would be a worthwhile endeavor or not. I vibrate mantras currently and am happy with the results as I sometimes get a pressure in my third eye area after vibrating them. I've been trying to open my third eye for months using many techniqes. I also do yoga almost daily and prior to my sitting meditation (about 1 hour). Sometimes I have short visions flash before my eyes and I'm convinced it means I'm on the right track. I've never found a religion that fits my views, ethics and beliefs and I have researched a lot of them. A very broad term that would describe my religious affiliation would be paganism, open to shift my views on the details as I learn more information. For years I have considered myself a Seeker of Truth and this describes me perfectly. I think to gain enlightenment there is more to it then simply a process of exersises or experimenting with psycadelics. As helpful as these things may be, I believe true enlightenment can only be achieved after developing your character to perfection. I don't agree that suffering is necessary to develop your character or that turning the other cheek and loving your enemy falls into the requirements either. To do so is to sabotage Jusitice. To let the things that matter be trampled while those who care nothing of you thrive off your suffering. This is why I don't follow "do as ye will lest it harm none". I do think that learning to have awareness and empathy for others is a small part of the process among other things. I think that to resonate with the universe of all one must live a life of truth and in a sense become truth at ones very core. This does not mean to tell a truth to an enemy that would put you or your family in harms way for that enemy cares nothing of truth and in them harming or sabotaging you, the truth in your soul becomes hindered. Truth has many names be it open mindedness or learning. I feel that I have been seeking truth my whole life. I have found that humankind in Kali Yuga hates the truth and those who speak it are hated as well. I have always loved to read books of all kinds. Hardly a subject is off limits for me. I don't take anyone's word for it. In a world built on deception, I want to prove it to myself be it true or false first hand however absurd the topic may seem at face value. If someone says "The earth is flat", I want to have that discussion. Even if the earth ends up being proved the same shape I always thought it was, I will still have gained insight into why another person believes what they do, to see things from another perspective. There is no question or theory that is stupid. The refusal to question something, the refusal to learn the facts about it first hand is. Being politically correct can be a sorry excuse to keep truth in the dark. Its taken me decades to find the truths I seek of this world and I'm still learning. I used to believe that it was my duty to tell others what I know. After all that is what I would want others to do if they knew something that would be extreamly valuable to me. Unfortunately, most people are not interested in much else besides what they are spoon fed on a day to day basis. If someone seeks the truth of something they will find it on their own. They will seek a teacher or something to read . Don't waste your time on those who would mock you for the truth of your words. If all you shed is a tiny flame of truth to one person, it is not worth all the negative influence you will in turn endure for that because it will hinder the development of truth in your consciousness that would lead to your inevitable awakening. To give one mark of truth but have 500 taken away from you is doing more harm then good as we are all one universe of conciousness. One of the great services one can do to promote truth is to question authority and religious leaders. This is not disrespect, but every seeker of truths duty. If politely asking questions, discussing inconsistencies or pointing out suspicious activity is not allowed, the authority and potentially the religions truth is in question. No one who are true followers of the divine that is truth would be negative towards one who questions. It is easy to catch a liar because they always follow the pattern of one. This is leading into the subject of worthless association... I have found that association with negative people is detrimental to ones process of enlightenment. More about me... I have two children, 1 and 3. I have a husband who I live with all my heart... He shares all of my views. I love cooking and clean eating... I used to be paleo and drink green smoothies daily. I've not been as good about it lately because of the issue of time but it's a passion and at some point I'll get back into it like I used to be. I also collect gemstone jewelry and makeup.