My Awards
Name Description Award
Wizard You've proven yourself to be knowledgeable in the occult arts. Wizard
Member Of The Month The most contributing member of the month will earn this. Member Of The Month
Protector Report lots of spam and other illegalities to earn this. Protector
Necromancer Knowledgeable in the dark arts of necromancy Necromancer
Cool You're cool, everyone knows it. Cool
Ninja Contributing without drawing attention. Ninja
Referral Star Refer over 10 members to Wizard Forums to earn this award. Referral Star
Bronze Medal Post a great, original tutorial to earn this award. Bronze Medal
Silver Medal You have done something noteworthy. Silver Medal
Gold Medal If you overachieve with contributing, you'll gain this medal Gold Medal
Knight Comes to everyone's aid with support. Knight
Lifetime Achievement This one will go to the rare ones that make example of the perfect Wizard Forums user. Lifetime Achievement
The Speaker You post a lot, your posts are all over the forum. The Speaker
200 posts The first 10 members to reach 200 posts will get this award. 200 posts
Sophisticated For our sophisticated members that know how to behave. Sophisticated
Donator Donate a minimum of $10 to get this award. Donator
500 posts First 18 members to reach 500 posts will get this award. 500 posts
1000 posts First 10 members to reach 1000 posts will get this award. 1000 posts
Super Donator $50 of accumulated donations. Super Donator
Graphic Wizard WF is grateful for your graphic contributions. Graphic Wizard
Online Hero Congratulations, you have spent your life on WF. Online Hero
Grammar Nazi Good grammar could as well be your life's motto. Grammar Nazi
YouTube Post a video on any of the forum's topics on YouTube, include a link to WF in the description and PM Crow. YouTube
Debater You love to debate on various subjects, you're extremely good at it. Debater
Kitchen Wizard You're an amazing cook and everyone knows it. Kitchen Wizard
Mad Scientist Show decent knowledge in various scientific branches Mad Scientist
Writer For the most active members in the Literature section. Writer
Thor's Bolt Thor can choose the worthy ones for the power of his bolt. Thor's Bolt
Cuddly and cute To the cute and cuddly ones. Cuddly and cute
Aviators Aviators Aviators
Initiated Initiated into the occult arts Initiated
Eye Eye Eye
Shield Shield Shield
Toucher Filthy Toucher Toucher