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Psychic Attack Sombra Style - Thesombra - 01-12-2018 04:39 PM

So , you got that person that really gets to you? Having thoughts of shootin em up? Despair no longer!!! LOL .
Get your ritual dagger ,link and get ready to tear some ass up. You're going to sit and relax .say a prayer or invocation to a wrathful/fierce being or power eg The Furies,Mars, Brimo,Thor ,angel of fire,nergal etc .but thats not entirely necessary.
Now bring to mind the target ,Think of what they've done.allow those feelings of anger ,angst , rage,resentment to rise and to consume you ..Stand.at this point you can take on a godform if you want. Bring them before you mentally by force of will and intent . for all intents and purposes , they stand before you. if you have a link hold it in your left , dagger in your right. when you can feel and see their psychic presence before you, literally tear their ass up(stabbing the conjured image). only limit is your imagination. I usually stab their eyes first ,then I rip open their chest and pluck out their heart and eat it, Tear up their stomach and remove all innards .. slash open their jugular and let the blood spray all over.If you up for it ,see your dick cased in steel with barbed wire then rape them ..go insane on em. . see them in an hospital or in a coffin....Ive used this with terrifying results. the quickest was the target getting very sick the next morning ... target had to spend 2 months in hospital.He He He. Later when you've cooled down,sit and do some OM mantras to rebalance your ass.