If you want to learn how to meditate you have likely looked at a bunch of sources to try to figure out what meditation really is. I find that language tends to distort the message that is the art of meditation. In the following tutorial I will try to briefly describe what it means to meditate and how to start learning the simplest form or forms of meditation.

What is Meditation?

Meditation, simply stated, is controlling your attention. It doesn't seem complicated because it's not, it is however extraordinarily difficult to master as attention much like numbers contains within it's structure an infinite potential.

This sounds new agey bullshit nonsense, because it is, I'm talking so hippies and children can understand, try not to ruin the experience for those who enjoy the pretty pieces of life.

Please exercise restraint and empathy, please.

How to meditate:

Posture is a matter of personal preference.
Posture is the way you position your body during meditation. I suggest you adopt a static posture as opposed to a dynamic one to start because dynamic is more difficult albeit much more effective when used by the adept.

Static posture is effectively a still posture, seated, lying down, cross legged, half lotus, full lotus, childs pose, corpse pose, etc.

Dynamic postures are either (my working definition) moving postures or challenging postures such as horse stance, golden bridge, downward dog, upward dog, half moon, rooster, doing a retarded amount of pushups, intense motherfucking sex, and on the lighter side eating food or taking a shower.

Performing basic meditation is simple. Adopt your posture, make sure you are comfortable enough in your posture that you do not have to think about, your posture is independent of your will and flows freely without effort.
Pick a focal point.

A focal point is where you focus your attention. A common focal point is the motion of your breath, it's path as it moves in and out of your body. Another common focal point is a dot, a sigil, a picture, another person.
This basic form of meditation.

When your focal point shifts, bring it back.

You can repeat this as long as you feel comfortable. Just like normal exercise it can help to give yourself a time limit to train and/or meditate such as 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, or a full hour for the extremely ambitious.

I warn you, like normal exercise, if you overexert yourself the recovery period can be quite long so pace yourself. Slow and steady wins the race.

What I am sharing with you is an exercise.
It requires a higher level of skill to perform magic through an individuals will than at least 99% of people are capable of exerting either in moments of extreme stimulus or in attempts to manifest change. It is easier to perform these spells as they are often called if you have healthy "magic" muscles. The skill to hit your target is something else.

I'm feeling a touch generous. Luckily enough this is a double edged blade:

- you can aim at multiple targets simultaneously, and your targets can aim back, metaphysics is fun