I have been practising various kinds of Magick for the last 4 years, however never had the inclination to work with Goetia, for the simple reason being, I was nervous to work with Demons. In these four years of practice, magic sometimes has worked and sometimes not, most of the times the results just seemed to be a natural coincidence, which could have happened even without magic. This notion of mine entirely changed after working with these goetic demons. There was a highly influential and evil minded person in my workplace, whose behaviour was always intimidating. Planned to do something about it as he was literally testing everyone's patience to the core.
Eventually Started working the Master Curse from Gordon Winterfield's Magickal Attack, the ritual is done for 12 days straight and should be done in the same place and time everyday. It involves working with four Goetic demons, working with each of them for 3 days each. The Demons are Shaz, Shabnock, Raum and Glasya- Labyalas. I started with Shaz the first 3 days, at the end of the 3rd day, went to office as I work night shifts. On the same day, just 4-5 hours before I logged in, that person was terminated from work due to behavioural issue. I really couldn't comprehend that Magick could work so fast, accurate and effectively. Just 3 days, that person is out of the place. I didn't stop my ritual, i completed it because such person will never understand when to stop. The only draw back is, since that person is not anymore to be seen at workplace, couldn't know how much more damage the ritual is doing to him, however I'm convinced, that it's literally screwing him. I want to thank Shaz, I admire his power and efficiency. Also thank Shabnock, Raum and Glasya- Labyalas, for even though not been able to observe their work results, I'm certain they did their jobs efficiently. I have wasted a lot of time working with ineefectly systems, working with Goetia demons has convinced me that this is the only system that I ever need. Started working with Gordon Winterfield's Demons of Magick and i'll post my observations in the near future. Goetia is the most effective system.