Grounding is a necessary practice in any occult pursuit as it provides perspective, maintains objectivity, and allows one to adapt unusual experiences to practical applications in mainstream life.
Psychological grounding involves maintenance and improvements to mental, physical, and emotional hygiene.

Maintain a state of homeostasis by regulating thoughts and avoid unnecessary agitations such as worrying needlessly or exacerbating problems, making mountains out of mole-hills for example.

exercise - playing chess, video games, or reading books.

Maintain essential hygiene, shower regularly, keep your house/room clean. Pay attention to your appearance and do not neglect it's importance because others pay attention whether you perceive it or not. This is one of the more crucial aspects of grounding as it is most directly impacted by daily life.

exercise - playing sports, strength training, stretching, or performing chores.

Avoid emotional outbursts in all forms such as tantrums, bullying, nagging, and manipulating. Acknowledge the importance of feelings validating their existence & work through them to improve empathy, emotional integrity, and the strength of interpersonal relationships.

exercise - sharing emotions, crying, loving, engaging in deep meaningful relationships.

The journey of a million miles starts with a single step.

Do what you can and don't kill yourself for being less perfect than you aspire to be, everything takes time.

Be patient, especially with yourself.