Hello friends and fellow lovers of magick!
In our general experience with magick we are fairly familiar with the curses and misfortune that befalls others. We are new to the website and we have been seeing lots of info on how to curse or vex others. We thought it wise to include information on battling or reversing these curses if necessary. Consider all aspects before cursing another individual, We never recommend using magick for evil purposes but to grow oneself and to surround oneself with a positive energy. So here it is:
You could enchant a protective charm to wear to defend somebody from these evil spirits.
1. Choose a metal chain or copper.
2. During the night of a full moon at a crossroads, place peppermint oil on the chain.
3. Say this incantation: hoc o leporem tegendis corporibus benedicere 'planeta Iovis sapientes. Repeat eightfold for stronger protection.
Hope this helps <3
Your Brothers of Sorcery