i thought i should re-introduce myself too, so that people can tell i'm not some unused account or something.

i'm a guy from germany. dunno what else to tell you, i'm a bit embarassed about my age, cuz most people think i'm in my teens, but i actually entered the 30ies a while ago. not very mature, hehe.

oh yes, i'm not following any particular tradition; i suck arse when under pressure. of course i'm trying not to disrespect people, but sometimes i just find this all still so so foreign - that's part of the fascination for me though! so please don't take it to heart if you ever read anything like that. i just don't live in the type of environment in which anything like this is considered shocking or fascinating or whatever: most people around me think it's rather silly, or even an indicator for mental illness. i don't feel special because of it - or yes, in a not so flattering way.

i don't have any interesting hobbies i'm afraid. i smoke way more cannabis than i should and like to kill time with my cell phone. currently "unemployed" as in "grab whatever you can find" 😅

ugh, i think that's enough typing for now ó.ò