I must admit, I am a noobie when it comes to evocations. And, I also admit, I do not use traditional ritual methods. I used a combination of psychoactive substances (not sure if discussion of this is allowed on this forum, and if anyone is curious of the combination, I would be happy to tell them). Anyway, after consuming the sacraments, I played a video showing Sallos's sigil while the enn was chanted in the background. I got a distinct feeling that something was different, and felt I had some connection with the entity. But that is not the main point of this post. Once the entity was felt, my dog started going absolutely nuts, panting more heavily than I have ever heard him pant before, and he kept going for the duration of the experience, probably about 20 minutes. I was simultaneously trying to focus on comforting him while maintaining a connection with Sallos. I admit, the divided attention probably made the endeavor less effective. I was just wondering, has anyone else had the experience of a pet freaking out during an evocation? Also, has anyone else taken an unconventional approach toward evocation such as my own? I sometimes utilize some slightly more elaborate ritual in my practices, but nothing near fully implemented traditional golden dawn practices.