This is my first post. It is also a mystery story.

I’m Scott Michaelsen, a professor at Michigan State University, and, as part of research for a book project, I’m seeking information about Xxenogenesis (pronounced “x-zeno”), the psychonaut, author, and artist born in January 1926. Xenogenesis crafted the wildest private press, spoken word album of all time, SeXxenogenesis #1 (1973), self-published two books on immortality (including Immortality Unveiled [1985]), and maintained several elaborate websites at the dawn of the internet. Concerning the album, Richard Doyle recently has written that it’s “a terma gem reflecting itself through you”:

I would like to hear from anyone who knew or corresponded with Xxenogenesis, including anyone who knows his identity. I have a few clues: He is a Polish immigrant. His middle name is Joseph, and his sister’s name is Florence. In his voluminous writings he sometimes calls himself “Jason” and his wife “Ujena.” He has two sons. He was originally Roman Catholic and an altar boy, and served in the US Air Force in World War II on a B-17 bomber. He ran a lumber mill business, but retired in 1967 to pursue his metaphysical researches. He more than once highlights his connection to theosophical texts and centers, and sometimes writes about his time at the “Solar Center.” At the time of the release of his record album he lived at Arlen House, 300 Bayview Drive A-10, North Miami Beach, FL 33160, and ran a small mail order operation from that address. Again, I’d love to hear from a family member, friend or correspondent in any of his periods of creativity.