Experienced Sorcerer here. Rarely post or interact online.

I was caught in a clear fireable offense by my employer. It was investigated and brought to light by human resources. This is a large no bullshit corporation and many colleagues have been terminated for far less. I was guilty and the trail that led to my malpractice was undeniable.
I Proceeded with an evocation of Belial ( one of the Goetic 9 Kings). Made contact and let loose my will to be spared termination.

The warning was a regional manager was coming to my local branch to fire me and more than likely my manager too for overlooking my misdeeds… Not only did the regional manager not show up for the confirmed appointment with no warning and no excuses, but the entire issue has literally disappeared and been dropped - my manager is dumbfounded and has asked questions but everyone pretends as though it was never an issue at all. I will not share with him my methods… But as an experienced practitioner I have experienced these types of synchronicities in my favor before.
Hail King Belial!!