Magic is complex practice rife with superstition and the clinically insane. One of the the most crucial components of a successful magical practice is the ability to critically analyze ones magical experiences. Many practitioners choose to do so through the chronicling of ones exploits or less ostentatiously put; keeping a journal. Another crucial components of magical practice is the objective analysis of ones experiences which can be done using the lenses of the various magical systems, below is a brief explanation of them.

Energy - one of the most popular systems of magic where the universe is seen at its core as an existence of energy

Psychological - an aspect of the occult that used to be seen as dark magic in earlier times and is currently a prominent member of the general sciences

Spirit - magical acts are enacted by petitioning or restraining spirits to fulfill ones will

Cyber - magical practice where the world is seen as a code and magic is performed by infecting targets with all manner of viruses

You can use an individual model or a combination of the mix to help clarify your experiences.

I regurgitated this material from another forum several years ago, occult forums I believe.