This is a little technique I read about wondering if anyone has used it, if it works etc...

There is a goofy technique that is used sometimes, called The Adjusting Scales. Basically you draw out three lines and label the ends:

The stealth line: Quiet ....... Brash
The nasty line: Angelic Compassion ........ Mischievous Mayhem
The mythos line: Natural Deity ....... Goetic Demon ........ Enochian Engineer

and on the demon sigil you add a curly symbol of a coil... coils are used to tune in to certain radio frequencies (read stations) and they make a useful symbo of adjustment...

Now taking your sigil you hold it over each line in the center and then slide it right or left, to the quality you wish your spirit to manifest with... and as you move it, feel the energy change in the sigil. Do this for each line, and you have "modulated" the sigil to bring the spirit in the way you prefer. Make some gesture to "lock" the position on each line when you reach a place you like.

If you want ALL spirits you summon to be exactly the same, you can simply draw the lines on your spirit triangle and it will force them all to conform.

(about the engineer thing: I see the Enochian angels as dealing more with the nuts and bolts inner workings of the cosmos, so that's why I put them opposite the deities.)

Let me know if anyone knows about this technique..