Recently, I have considered the creation of a sword according to the Greater Key of Solomon.

The GKOS, in its instructions for making a sword, says that the sword should be created in the first or fifteenth hour of a Wednesday. It does not talk about moon phases in that section.

I quote Book II, Chapter VIII, "Thou shalt therefore take a new sword which thou shalt clean and polish on the day of Mercury, and at the first or the fifteenth hour."

In Book I, Chapter II, the GKOS says:

"But if these things seem unto thee difficult to accomplish, it will suffice thee merely to notice the Moon after her combustion, or conjunction with the Sun, especially just when she quits his beams and appeareth visible. For then it is good to make all experiments for the construction and operation of any matter. That is why the time from the New unto the Full Moon is proper for performing any of the experiments of which we have spoken above. But in her decrease or wane it is good for war, disturbance, and discord. Likewise the period when she is almost deprived of light, is proper for experiments of invisibility, and of death."

If we take the creation of the sword to be for a more general purpose, e.g. protection, authority, etc., then we should create the sword, when the moon is waxing. However, if we take the creation of the sword to be for a more specific purpose, e.g. causing fear to spirits, then we should create the sword, when the moon is waning.

A further support for the idea of making the sword, when the moon is waxing, is the fact that it is supposed to be made on Wednesday, like the white-hilted knife. Many people believe that the white-hilted knife is to be made, when the moon is waxing.

The GKOS says regarding the virtue of Mercury, in Book I, Chapter II, "Furthermore, if thou wishest to converse with spirits it should be especially on the day of Mercury and in his hour, and let the Moon be in an airy sign, as well as the Sun."

What are your thoughts on this?