Recently, I have begun memorising the conjurations set out in the Lemegeton. I am happy to report that I am almost done.

I have run into a problem, however: Normally, when I practise reciting the conjurations, I do not name any specific spirit. Instead, I keep the reference "Spirit N." as per the manuscript.

I am concerned that I may be attracting minor spirits by my recitations. This is not so much a problem in and of itself. However, as I progress to the Spirit Chain, the Conjuration of the Fire, and the Curse, I fear that I may be causing unwarranted harm to such spirits.

For the time being, my solution is to: (1) write on a piece of paper something to the effect of, "I am reciting these conjurations as practice only. Please do not attend or respond. I release all spirits accidentally bound by my recitations in the next X hours"; (2) read what I have written on the paper, while visualising the words glowing with light; and (3) keep the paper with me during the recitations.

I am not sure that this is entirely effective, however. What are your thoughts?