I had an idea for an oil that would ultimately be an attracter of fae folk, and an enhancer of second sight/pyschic connection to the fae. On top of that it could also function as an all purpose fae oil, to be used in various fae related spells and offerings. I have considered what ingredients I should use in this oil, putting a lot of research into what is sacred and why. I'm new to this site so if there is anyone who is familiar with fae or worked with them, I'm asking you for your thoughts on my potion concept. Questions? Advice? Comments. I'll take it all. I haven't done any divination on this project concept yet. I will explain the ingredients and why i include them, but I would prefer to discuss the ritual in private, if by chance it interests any of you. I'm not sure this is meant to be accessible to everyone on the internet. Thanks so much in advance for the feed back.


Grapeseed oil- My reasoning is it is a nice light oil, could be replaced with almond maybe.

Hawthorn Thorn (collected from a fallen branch OR on beltane)- Hawthorn is sacred to the fae and is commonly mentioned in more then enough folk lore. From meeting the Faery queen under this tree, to musfortune happening when these trees were tempered with. For what ever reason, as far as I understand, the fae adore this tree and have a deep connection with it.

Dried rowan berries- Rowan is said to be from the land of the Fae itself. Brought to earth from the Tuatha De Dannen. From what I gather druids would use the berries in potions to develop "second sight". Using rowan was a difficult choice because in folk lore it seems it is vastly loved by the Fae, YET, has the potential to protect form their mischief/evil. I wasn't sure how to feel then I realized it is both and that is just how nature works a lot of the time. Most things can
be used to help/harm.

Thyme- Thyme is one of the most mentioned herbs I've come across in my studies. Fae love the smell? I'm not sure 100% what the apeal is, however its said that carrying a sprig of thyme will helo you see the fae. This theory seems to line up with other claims of Thyme's pyschic enhancing attributes.

Rose Petals- Symbolizing loving energies of friendship and kindness, rose is in the same family as the hawthorn. Plus I think they would enjoy the symbolism of the beauty in nature.

Apple blossoms are optional, they are highly magickal. Just as the town the fruit produced by this tree actually produces a pentacle of sorts.

Acorns are also optional, another of the great fae tree's.

PS. If this is ever recreated all ingredients except for the oil (obviously) need to be dried or you risk chance of molding.