Hello Wizard Forums.

I am here today inviting you to my Discord group: https://discord.gg/RyvjFdw

"Conscientiology is the science that studies the 'entire' consciousness (soul, ego, individual essence), along with all of its bodies, existences, experiences, epochs and places, with an integral, projective and self-aware approach in relation to the various existential dimensions."

I'm no guru, I'm looking for people that want to study this science with me. Join us if you'd like to learn about what you are and about what you can be.

The main objectives of this study is to find ways of: how to tackle your own weaknesses; how to maximize your strenghts; improving your understanding of our multidimensional existance, through theory and practice of lucid projections; practicing techniques of altruistic assistance; improving the understanding of cosmoethics.

Feel free to ask any questions in this thread.