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I am a beginner in occult studies and would like people with knowledge and practice in High Magic to tell me about their views on witchcraft and clarify the following doubts:

Wiccan literature, methods, and practices and other witchcraft traditions provide
the tools needed to perform rituals effectively and safely?
When I was talking to someone who was in Triora, she said that some traditions simply do not use the circle of protection.
The fans I've seen talk a lot about the use of sexual magic energy, masturbation, ritual nudity, among other ways of reproducing the ancient cults of the fertility goddesses.
Could not these things attract sucubus?
I saw an account of a person in which she stated that after some time doing daily prayers for Astarte one day she appeared and that person claims that he started having sex with the deity, and of course it is an attack of an opportunistic spirit.
On the other hand, it is not so common to find people who complicated practicing Wicca or other witchcraft tradition incorrectly as people practicing Goethia
Another thing in witchcraft that catches my eye and on the one hand I like naturalness and at the same time cause suspicion is that a simple tree limb will turn up drums, athames made of metals like tin are sold in stores to be used in rituals and other things made with common materials.
In a video of a man claiming to be a priest of Thelema he said that in the absence of a baton and a sword one can use some manual gestures that he demonstrated.
It is argued that everything in nature possesses magical properties and that is why the permission of the spirit of the tree is requested to remove the branch and use as a stick.
For these reasons I have researched in the literature of other aspects of sorcery on the material that the magical tools should be made and the forms of consecration.
There are those who say witchcraft, natural magic can be as powerful as high magic.