Hi, my name is cyborglemon. I came here because of a possession by an entity.
It has been living inside my house before my mother got married to my father.

My family has been through many MANY physical abuse(we would hit each other), altercations and leaving the house to stay alone.

I'm from India, by the way. I came to this website to get some books on aura dowsing. Anything to make this possession end. Pendulum dowsing worked(I was not checking the chakra 8 to 12 until later on. I read about it in "World of Archangels" by Sufian Chaudhary but somehow I forgot at the beginning of dowsing for the attachment. Cyndi Dale's book refreshed my memory of the chakras from 8 to 12).

So, how is everyone doing?

I'm just waiting for the attachment to disappear/end as I'm no longer getting any input from any chakras right now upon dowsing.