Hello. For an introduction to this thread, see the thread The Lucid Abyss, which concerns some of my ventures into the Void and other nightmare realms. That thread is not required to understand or participate in this thread, however it contains some relevant information about myself and my interests those interested in this thread may wish to review. Although I describe my agenda in some detail in The Lucid Abyss, my previous thread primarily concerns the dark chasm minds may encounter in lucid dreams. This thread addresses nightmares in further depth, and also provides users who wish to share nightmares and other anomalous experiences a channel for doing so. In this vein, I emphasize at the outset that I make no personal judgments about the nightmares or anomalous experiences of others, nor do I provide any interpretations of dreams unless a user requests an interpretation. This channel primarily serves as a method of nightmare collection, a nightmare archive, irrespective of interpretations of the nightmares analysts may offer. We could converse for nights on end about what exactly your nightmares mean, what certain elements may symbolize, so on and so forth. This interests me, but I am interested first and foremost to collect nightmares, nightmares specifically, as opposed to what may be classed pleasant dreams, although I may even find nightmares pleasant. As I explain in The Lucid Abyss, I am a kind of nightmare collector, a memory collector more specifically, a metaphysical archivist of dark and otherworldly experiences and encounters. You likely have a few such memories stored in your mind, and so I’ve created this channel as a means to share those memories, and thus add them to the archive. I plan to leave this thread here indefinitely, for current and future users who may be interested. Although at the surface level, this project assumes the guise of a memory collection operation similar to others, the ultimate extent goes deeper than that, and is more complicated than mere disclosure of stories. It is especially designed for the user who is not only interested to share memories or hear the memories of others, but to delve deeper into the intricate, nebulous evolutionary currents that to this night grow vaster and stranger, and invite an otherworldly approach into an otherworldly realm.

I will admit here I do not consider the entity who speaks at the moment to be human, at least not in the conventional sense. I long ago discarded the notion of human identity as arbitrary and limited, and in recent years, I have to my own surprise found my own sense of identity undergo a shift from an emphasis on flesh to an emphasis on psyche, or more specifically dream psyche. In less vague terms, I now find my organic body to be a psychic vessel, a demonic conduit for an exotic magical consciousness which primarily manifests as a certain inhuman entity possessed of specific personality traits and existential interests. I am little interested in flesh and humans, and the typical forms and recreations of the waking world. The flesh creature that composes this text is, to me, a sentient portal of a deeper hidden intelligence that manifests itself in the inner darkness of thought, other psychical realms of waking, and in the transcendental flux of nightmares. You too host an entity like this, somewhere in your mind, somewhere even in your subconscious, whether you recognize it or not, whether you give it a name or not. There is this psychic reservoir of inner personality potential, which contains elements of and modifications for what may be called an alter-ego but what is more accurately termed an inner self. Many inner selves may remain human in aspect, relatively normal in personality and interests, with some nuances characteristic of the chaotic dynamism of the mind. However, for a certain kind of inner self, the human body becomes a second-order structure, employed in part to maintain the transcendent psyche’s organic organization, and the various complexities that involves. For me, my body, organic waking life, and even what I’m saying here is less interesting than the inhuman intelligence that lurks within my mind and the minds of others. Although we appear to converse in this interface as organic human beings, there is a deeper conversation that is going on, hidden beneath the visible artifices of our limited language. This deeper conversation may be glimpsed, in part, in the nightmares we behold in our inner minds, when we phase from this dimension of waking.

My interests span a broad range of fields. For the purpose of this thread however, I will specify I am primarily interested in demonology, Hell, invocation, possession, shadows, spiders, UFOs, astral projection, hypnagogia, hypnopompia, sleep paralysis, lucid dreams, synchronicity, numerology, transcendence of flesh, and, of course, nightmares. I do not personally distinguish between dreams and nightmares. These are foremost terms and thus subject to the same semantic arbitrarities as other terms, though I will not specify here why I do not fundamentally distinguish between dreams and nightmares. I also do not conceive of nightmares as discrete separate vignettes but as scattered fragments of a cosmic whole, what I call the Nightmare. Envision, if you will, all nightmares of all creatures across the entire cosmos, past, present, and future, considered as a single vast labyrinthine mosaic of otherworldly psychical dimensions comprised of a countless array of entities, realms, and unique psychic states. This is the Nightmare. The Nightmare may be conceived of as the other side of the dimension called waking, the side of the cosmic consciousness that sleeps and enters dark and sinister realms within sleep. I see the Nightmare as a cosmic constellation of nether states, billions upon billions of hidden domains manifested within the hordes of creature minds nature has created in its infinite wisdom. The Nightmare is, if you will, the otherworldly side of nature, the side of nature that transcends flesh and the typical organic realm of waking and manifests magical entities, dimensions, and powers hidden within flesh itself, within the flesh minds scattered across space, and perhaps others. I hold a mystical reverence for nightmares, for the Nightmare. I see it as an enigmatic cosmic force, an ancient mystical flux within nature that compels minds both to sleep and to behold a deeper, darker aspect of their own selves. It is this deeper, darker aspect I wish to gain further insight of here, in this nightmare archive.

As a relevant note here, I would mention, as I do in The Lucid Abyss, that I am studied in the field of shadow entities, that I have observed such entities in my own life, and that I have personally interviewed a number of individuals who’ve encountered such manifestations in different states. As various other questions, I am essentially agnostic on this issue. However, I do recognize shadows as subjectively external aspects of the human experience, manifestations which invite further scientific and metaphysical inquiry, such as this thread. I extend this acknowledgment to UFOs (which I have also observed), perceptions of astral projection (which I have also experienced), and other phenomena such as perceptions of demonic hauntings, which I may have experienced in some sense but which I find less overt than UFOs or astral projection. Shadows may be considered demons in some sense, regardless of their sentience or lack thereof, though this is in part a matter of semantics and this is not the primary purpose of this thread. The primary purpose of this thread is to collect memories, memories of nightmares, memories of entities, memories of anomalous experiences, but especially memories of nightmares. I am very interested in your nightmares, whoever you are. Users may share their experiences either within this thread or within a private message. If I have any questions or other remarks I would like to share with you, I will likely reply to you by private message, as I find such conversations can be disturbed by the presence of others.

Nightmares may be classified to fall roughly along a spectrum, from the most familiar environs and entities on one end to the most otherworldly environs and entities on the other. Some nightmares involve familiar places and personas known to the dreamer in waking, while some involve realms and presences utterly foreign and fantastical, or a combination of both types. I am drawn more to the otherworldly end of the nightmare spectrum, to nightmares that transpire in dimensions of consciousness that feel radically detached from the normal memories of waking. Some of these alien realms are entered lucidly, and even then dreamers may experience fear or other such emotions in response to the manifestations encountered there. Although I am fascinated by non-lucid nightmares that horrify, terrify, or otherwise disturb a dreamer, the lucid nightmare allows one to face and assess the nightmare in a special clarity, which may yield bizarre dialogues, conjurations, and other manifestations. The non-lucid nightmare may be considered the pure traditional nightmare, while lucid nightmares both dilute this relative purity and may take some time to develop and master. The power of dread can still hold sway in a lucid nightmare, but the dreamer is aware it is asleep, and this can lessen the intensity of the nightmare’s influence. Both lucid and non-lucid nightmares have metaphysical value. Lucid nightmares offer an oneiric clarity, while non-lucid nightmares foster a certain psychic purity. Both kinds of nightmares comprise aspects of a duality. In either case, reality reveals its power to generate manifestations that transcend mere waking imagination, and offer glimpses into a mystical dimension of the cosmos that seems to both understand its host minds on a personal level and operate within a psychological ether (i.e. the subconscious) that exists, to some extent, beyond view.

Interpretation of nightmares naturally poses a question of interest to many. Interpretation can at the very least provide some insight into how dreamers or others think about, feel about, and otherwise react to nightmares. I am, however, mostly interested in pure experiential details, details of entities, realms, powers, plots, fears and other emotions, synchronicities or coincidences, conversations, texts, and any other aspect of the nightmare one may recall. The nightmare may be lucid or non-lucid, recurrent or isolated. I am, in part, particularly interested in the specific forms entities assume, the minute details of their appearance and behavior, voices they may manifest and what those voices express, and other potentially related components such as the nature of domains. I am, in part, interested in patterns, similarities we share between our nightmares. Nightmares interest me for many reasons, one of the most salient being the intense feelings of fear and dread that can accompany a nightmare, and the various elaborate plots and encounters that may be involved, especially those that involve inhuman entities. Of some interest to me as well is the very fact that we often possess a desire to share our nightmares in the first place, a desire that extends the reach of the nightmare from sleep into waking, and can return its influence to the sleep of both oneself and others who glimpse your nightmares. Even a single nightmare intrigues me far more than the usual intrigues on this planet. It reveals not only insight into the subject’s inner mind, but insight into the metaphysical powers of nature, the capabilities of nature to manifest bizarre and mysterious dimensions. If you’re interested, feel free to reply here or privately, and though this thread is foremost the basis of a nightmare archive, I am open to further discussion of these subjects as well. For now, I will take my leave and return in the near future to see whether anyone takes the time to read through all of my mad ramblings.

With love,
Dread Lord Xinmeir