About me: I have past, mostly negative experiences involving invocation, which I no longer practice. I am sworn to Hekate through the Queen of Hell book, who I leave offerings to. However, I have no ability to see or spirits, though I can feel them if they attack, latch or get into me, the latter which they no longer do as much. I can also feel some energy, like my third eye, or chakras if I try and interact with them.

Things have been smooth sailing until a couple nights ago, when something stabbed me in the rib rather deeply (which I believe was a spiritual phenomena due to myexperience and bodily reactions to trying to get rid of it...). I happen to have sort of a mentor (well, more protetor) who takes care of things, thought it was a "probe". Anyway, since my theoretical interaction with Hekate, which my superior helped me with, in which something seemed to heal me upon request for help with spirit problem, I haven't had anywhere near the same amount of problems. But, obviously, sometimes things get past. One thing I will be doing is making a witches bottle, and also making an amulet to Hekate. But should I use Christian charms?

I am told that it really is fine to mix them, so I suppose I will believe that - Hekate devotees seem to tell me the same thing. Unfortunately, getting a response, from anyone in the Primal Craft tradition is a little harder as it's a rather small crowd. But hell, VK Jehannum is a Satanist and in his material says it's fine to mix things, including Jahovah. "The gods may not always like eachother but won't care."

A Hekate devotee who calls herself an "anti-Christian" says she has no problem use of Solomonic seals, though I have to decide which one (I also have someone thinking on it). Obviously there is the one that is supposed to be specifically for protection from spirits in the house, and one against demons, but I do not think I am bothered by demons for the most part, neither does my Shaman who has removed a couple minor pests. And then there is one that is supposed to work against all enemies or perhaps just protection. Still, people so far suggest the one for demons, Fifth Pentacle of Mars. Of course, I don't know where to get a genuine metal article.

There was a time when I thought the exorcism in the Enchiridion of Pope Leo might work just by my saying it, until I called something I couldn't get rid of on my own. It probably didn't help that I was calling things. At any rate, it along with a simple Christian charm to expel have decreased in effectiveness over time, though I wasn't using the paper charms. I also happen to have the physical of the version paired with the black dragon, which has notes.

Historically, Christian exorcism prayers have failed for me over time. I am far better protected right now, than I was ever using them (though I did not use them to their fullest extent), it's just that things still get past sometimes. Maybe the paper charms would improve my protection. But I don't want to muck up a good thing.