First, I would like to suggest that I actually do have a partly open third eye. I can feel it, especially at night, during meditation, or if I shoot an imaginary laser beam into it. It pulsates. Also, I do not hear voices or see things (but admittedly I do not have practice with attempts at remote viewing or much meditation practice at the moment), I just feel it if stuff attaches, or when it used to get into me. Apart from the anxiety these spiritual interactions bring, I kept a cool head during the first spirit I had trouble getting out of me, which I had foolishly invoked.

Part of me considers shutting down my third eye with anti-psychotics (though I don't actually have a history of mental illness). I'm not that advanced. I would not actually need to take them continuously, I have done this before. My "problems", i.e. with spirits, only came about (again) when I interacted with them through occult method (well, mantra), and it partly opened my third eye.

Though not as much as it used to, given that I think I actually may be somewhat protected at this point, stuff still attaches to me or attacks me, as it would seem to others with an open (or my case partly open third eye). I experience physical pain from the attacks, and I tire.

Do I even have the option of shutting down with drugs and starting anew, perhaps to establish a practice without fear of attack? Or will some spirit come and take some part of me unawares? Many people have successfully shut down and recovered.

Though I actually often have had an established discipline/practice, I don't know that I'm motivated to at at this point in my life, or desire the responsibility, of continuous practice and self-protection, which I think more power would bring. Perhaps if I could move and attend a Buddhist group, without fear of being attacked, I might better re-establish a practice. It is still a desire of mine to develop and evolve, which spirituality has brought me. I cherish spiritual community.