I'm an energy on demand, type of caster. A mixture of Mage spells and Psyic abilities.
I've built a type of astral construction, permanent, to provide energy for my use. But i have left them Unlocked so anyone may use them.
I call them Power Plyons. They are artificial Nodes, (a Node is where many leylines intersect.Causing an increase in available energy. )
The Power Plyons types 1, 2, 3 take up a 10 foot square, with a height of 100 feet. I have built them 4 per square mile, everywhere on the planet. I have a type 4 which is 20 foot square and 1000 feet tall, built only in the western hemisphere.
All of these power Plyons are warded and shield to keep out wildlife and the non spell casters. They are otherwise not baby proofed.
I have a (personal) scale of energy/power. Which is 10 to the X power. So a level 1 is to, a level 2 is 100, a level 3 is 1000, and so on.
Untrained humans produce a level 1 worth of energy. A trained human produces level 2 of energy . The leyline system provides a minimum of level 3 energy.
My type 1, 2, 3 pylons produce a level 7 energy. Type 4 produces level 9 energy.
You must be shielded and grounded (or other equivalent protection) before touching one of my Power Plyons.
To find the nearest power Plyons to you. Close eyes and slowly turn in place, one direction will have more energy than the others. Then mentally move in that direction. The Power pylon will be less than a quarter mile in that direction.

I use these Power Plyons to increase the background Free magic in the environment. Also i use them to power my other astral constructions.