I obviously can't say this applies 100% of the time, and am not saying that absolutely no one offering services can't deliver. However, I've noticed a few people making absolutely ridiculous claims on top of promoting themselves and their services through what sounds like hot garbage they made up on the spot. If someone offers you services and it sounds like Stats coming from a dungeons and dragons rpg, it's probably no more useful than just that. Another tactic used by these sorts are using a hook to get you into private messages where they can feed you more bullshit with no risk of others calling them out on it with you around to see it.

Please be weary of trusting people offering you services. There are those perfectly happy duping you out of some cash while providing zero results. There are those that do it on purpose, and those that do it by accident because they've been studying magic for a week and have decided they're an "Adept Sorcerer." As for the level 9 Rain Magi Hinddhist Guru, aka those that do it on purpose, they will often use certain verbal/language techniques to trick you into thinking coincidence and/or your own personal perspective on whatever given situation you find yourself in is akin to actual results. They are not; they are anything and everything but results.

Stop being desperate. If you feel this way you're already more vulnerable to being fooled. Avoid trying to intellectualize how something could be a result. I understand that magic can be a little subjective at times, as well as results often materializing in a differing fashion than what was expected. However vague coincidence differs from legitimate results. If you find you need a lengthy explanation for why something is a result you should question its legitimacy. Pay someone after results are experienced when possible. This field of practice lacks any receipts.

Pay close attention to reputation as well. Did someone just join a couple of days ago and immediately begin offering services? That could be a huge red flag right there. Have people noted that they didn't receive results after requested services from this person? How about if there is note of results gained? There's a couple of things to consider in this instance as well. Do the results sound vague? Do they seem to be people susceptible to the already mentioned tactics? Have they been duped and don't realize it? Also take the reputation or length of stay of these members as well. Did a few accounts that are brand new start posting about how they received results, but have little to no posts outside of this? Some people have made sock accounts to write their own reviews. Be weary not only of the so-called "magician" but also their customers, as they could be fools or even totally fabricated persons altogether.

Always be discerning when it comes to sending someone your money. They could be scamming you. Worse yet they could be sincere yet grossly incompetent. If this is the case then lacking results could be the least of your concerns; magic can be fickle when not approached with the proper respect, knowledge and experience needed to put it into practice.

This is the end of my rant. Be safe and blessed be!