I came here because I don't know where else to look, I'm looking for a guide on how one can develop their psychic abilities, I've always had a latent talent for predicting things, maybe I'm just a good guesser, but too many coincidences add up, I'm also ironically a very unlucky guy so I always felt like I was cursed

I'm hoping I may have some kind of latent talent for these things

Now this is where I'm going to sound stupid (if I haven't already)

I'm looking for legit stuff, if you search around online all you ever see are "woo woo" practitioners selling some peace love hippie kind of "psychic experience" guide, no actual development of ones abilities

I'm talking about stuff like being able to move small objects with your mind, accurate prediction capabilities (which I can say I already have but its limited, else I'd have one the lottery)

Sometimes it feels like the "universe" is feeding information to me in some cases, one time I arrived at a new work place and accurately down to the exact year guessed the ages of all the women at my work place and they were all weirded out afterwards, myself included, because I didn't understand how I kept guessing correctly, a number would just pop into my head and I'd just know it was right and say that number

The thing is its not "controllable" sometimes its "on" sometimes its "off"

A forum full of individuals exploring the mystical world is probably the only place where I'll find someone who is also pursuing "true knowledge" or may already have access to it and is training themselves

Also if you know of any other forums, please let me know, this may not be the place where the knowledge I seek lies, but it may be the place that guides me towards it