To Grant a Wish, and a Dream, and Also a Desire

I’ve been gone from here for a while. Now I’m back. I haven’t logged-in since 2014 (2015?) Anyways… I’m Native American on a very strange path to enlightenment and evolution. I don’t practice too much ceremonial, chaos, african-norse,native-american-whatever-way exclusively from one another. I live to incorporate a lot into my practices, but at the same time I make them as simple as I can. I don’t have a lot of things that I’m attached to in any way shape or form but the few things that I do have, I make sure they are as powerful as I can make them through the power of Visualization and Will.

I believe the Aleister Crowley phrase:
“Magick is the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will.”

I really think the meaning of this sentence is actually about mind powers being willed to achieve instantaneous miraculous majical results. In the past it may have been using the will to research, write a spell, cast a circle, and call the Powers as a way for the will to effect change through eternal means. But as an internal means of effecting will to create change then one must become a vessel through which the called Powers can directly express energy, force, or power through the will to create immediate change. Think of Superheroes. Do they Call up Powers to use them as Laser Eyes, Healing Bullet Wounds, or Mind Reading? No. They use those Powers directly to create immediate phenomena, (laser eyes, etc.) No Capes!

This is what Visualization means to me and that is how I use it. As an extension of will in an effort to create immediate positive change for me in my body and in my life.

Sometimes it is enough. And sometimes it isn’t.

(By the way I hate the word “magick.” How do you say “magician?” Magickian? I prefer “majic” which is also “majician.”)

All that aside…

I wrote this just now listening to about 2-3 hours of reiki music I let YouTube Autoplay for me when I typed in “reiki miracles” and, also, I was meditating and visualizing necronomicon symbols over my chakras for about 2-3 hours just now. (Yes, yes. Necronomicon fake, blah, blah, fuck you. Enough time has passed since it was written and has been used enough times throughout the years that it has achieved a permanent presence in the spirit world for the Powers to be called on and used IRL. Ohh.Emm.Gee. Imagine that. Wooowwww.)

This spell is very similar in structure to something I posted here years and years ago which was a lust spell (I don’t have a backup copy; it only existed here. Like this spell now.) This is a spell of luck and fortune. I wrote this as I am right now very high on grade-A chron (someone needs to make a strain called Unichron.)

I call it…

V. Juel D’Cian’s Good Luck Spell for a Wish, a Dream, and a Desire

(That’s just a fancy way of saying Make Three Wishes. Good. Now make one a Wish, one a Dream, one a Desire. Light a green candle or don’t. Do it at midday or midnight; inside or outside. Whatever. Do it how it feels right to you. Just start facing East and end facing East. Proceed.)

Hail to the East.
To the Airy Realms of the Beast.
Come forth come fast come hard
To Slam thy Mighty Pillars of Air and Disregard
Upon the Fonts and Fountains of Unfortunate Fortune.

Hail to the South
To the Fiery Realms of the Mouth
Come Blast Bad Luck with the Fire of Seeing
from the Gracious Curve of the Throat of Your Being

Hail to the West
To the Watery Realms of the Fortunate Fest.
Come Baptize my Life and Body with Tides of Positive Strange
Healing Light to Guide my Steps into Fortunate Luck and All-Positive Change.

Hail to the North
To the Quaking Regions of Earth of Spyings and Going Forth.
Come Steady Thyself for the Foundations of Fortune and Luck
Like the Eye of God Resolute on the back of The One Dollar Buck.

[Standing back to the East Connects All the Monumental Energies that have been Called. Now the East is Hailed Again in its Dual Capacity of Spirit (not just Air to Charge the Final Step: The Pillar of Fortune that Exists Within You and Without You Totally Around You, Surrounding You. Within and Without.)]

Hail to the East
To Those Above and to Those Below.
Come Forth and Surround me as a Pillar of Light
To Banish Forever Unfortunate Luck into the Abyss of Vacuum and Night.

Hail to those Assembled and Called
To this Time and Place of Starry Ceiling and Horizon-Walled
Hear My Words and My Please; My Beg, and My Plea
And Grant My Wish, My Dream, and My Desire Miraculously.

(Many people will probably use this spell. You can substitute the following change for the above last two lines or don’t. Your discretion. These lines are:

Hear Our Words and Our Please; Our Beg and Our Plea
And Grant Our Wish, Our Dream, and Our Desire Miraculously.

This alternate version empowers the spell of all others who recite this spell and all others who recite this version will empower your spell in return.)

End the spell with the Trinitarian Formula:
in nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti. Amen.

It doesn't matter if you are Goddess Oriented and could wipe your ass with the pages of the Holy Bible. That is the only way the spell activates. Say it or receive nothing. Use the spell or don't use the spell. Your discretion. Enjoy.

Thank you for reading.

I used to be V. Juel D’Cian (Superimposing Vulcan Jedi onto each other every other letter and adding punctuation.) Surprised no one figured. But now I’m Verterex. Because I lost my password and my email address that I used to create that account. But as Edna Mode says: I never look back, darling. It distracts from the now.

If you do use this spell then please leave the results below. You don't have to go into detail but the salient generalities will suffice. Thanks.