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This is a solo ritual that I use to honor the god Dionysus. He is a god of many things, including gays/transsexuals, wine, nature, intoxication, and liberation. I advise you to look him up. A really good place to start would be "Ecstatic" By Jeremiah H. Lewis. It's full of information about the Greatest God! The author used to have a website called wildivine.org, but it seems he took it down.
I must warn, this ritual calls for the use of certain herbs that will cause one to become elevated (if ya catch my drift). This is an intricate part of the whole ritual, mimicking the old Dionysian Mysteries. You could drink a lot of alcohol, but herbs are faster.

-Offerings (Cup of Milk, incense [frankincense and musk], and juice)
-Something to induce highness and trance
-Maenad dress (garland, robe, fawnskin)
-Music (Daemonia Nymphe)
-Salt, a bowl of water, a stick of rosemary
-Chalice of wine or juice and food for yourself
-Libation bowl

1. Exorcism:
A. Sprinkle salt around the space, going counterclockwise. Chant:
Io Bacchus, Io Bacchus! (Ee-Oh Bahk-Kuhs)
Hekas Hekas Este Bebeloi! (Haykaws heykaws aystay baybaylee)

B. Light a stick of rosemary aflame, drop it into a bowl of water. Pray:

O Lord Dionysus, Most Powerful Son of Zeus
Bringer of Freedom, Love, and Joy
I pray you to bless this water
Through me, your faithful worshipper
Make this water pure that I may also be purified by it!

Wash your hands with the water.

2. Invitation:

A.Circumbulate around the circle three times, shaking the rattle and crying out "Io, Io Euoi!" (Ee-Oh ee-oh Ev-ee)

B: Setting of Altar:

1.Retrieve the statue from its shrine. Say:
I invite you O Lord to my rite, for I wish to honor and please you.

Carry it to the altar of the temple. Say:
This is the altar my Lord, it is here that I shall place your sacrifices.

2. Take the bowl of water and place it to the left of the statue;

O Lord, This is your bath of pure water, that you may be cleansed in my house.

C. Invocation

1. Give here an invocation of your own wording, or else use this one:
I summon to this rite
The Holy God of Trees
The Ancient God
The Loud God
The Dancing God
The God who comes!

Come on Thy bull's foot,
Come on Thy panther's paw,
Come on Thy snake's bellly,
Dionysus, come!

Come, Dithyrambos,
Come to us, Bakcheios,
Come to us, Lysios,
Dionysus, come!

Visualize Dionysus as you will, see Him entering the image/statue. Welcome him in your own words.

2. Use a small cloth to wash the statue with the water, saying:

I wash thee O Lord, I wash thee that thou may be clean. I wipe away the dirt and the dust, I wipe away the tears and sorrows.

3. Offering of Gifts

A. Procession
1. Carry all your items to the altar, one by one or two by twos.
2. Bring your Thyrsos last

B. Sacrifice
1. First Libation:
Pour the milk into the libation bowl, saying:
I offer to you O Lord Dionysus, the essence of this milk. May it nourish you as the milk of the nymphs nourished you on Mount Nysa when you hid from Hera.

2. Pour out the juice:
I offer to you O Lord Dionysus this juice, that the blood of this fruit may please your tongue as your gift of grapes has pleased us so much.

3. Light the frankincense. Say the Orphic Hymn (Taken from the Thomas Taylor translation of the orphic hymns, published in 1792):

Dionysus I call, Loud-Sounding and divine
Fanatic God, a two-fold shape is thine;
Thy various names and attributes I sing,
O, First-Born, Thrice Begotten, Bacchic King;
Rural, ineffable, two-form'd, obscure,
Two-horn'd, with ivy crown'd, Euion, pure.
Bull-fac'd, and martial, bearer of the vine,
Endu'd with counsel prudent and divine:
Triennial, whom the leaves of vines adorn,
Of Zeus and Persephone, occultly born.
Immortal Daemon, Hear my Supplicant Voice,
Give me in blameless plenty to rejoice;
And listen gracious to my Mystic pray'r,
Surrounded with thy choir of nurses fair.

Body of the Ritual:

1. Statement of Intent:
It is My will (that the power of Dionysus shall surge through me and transform me, that His greatness will destroy my false self and leave me true and real)
2. During this step, you must recite the orphic tale of Dionysus' three births (beginning with Zagreus being born of Zeus and Persephone) by HEART. No reading from a script.
3. Induction of trance:

You can listen to binaural beats (alpha waves), chanting "Io Bromios, Io Dendrities, Eleutherios, Enorchus, Bacchus!"

After this has been done and the trance has been entered. Take whatever drug you brought so that you will become high.

4. Ektasis:

A. Begin the music.
B. This is when the god will take over. You may get higher if you so wish. This is a general solo-Dionysian revel. So dance, masturbate, cry out "Io Euoi!" etc.
When your energy is spent, when your body is slick with sweat, and when you are at the point of passing out. THAT is when you may stop. Not before. But, even then, you may still want to continue.

Closing of the Ritual:

1. Grounding:

Partake of the food and the drink. Deeply breathe. If you find you have exercises that ground you, incorporate those as well.

2. Prayers:

Give a short prayer of thanks to the Lord.

3. End by deeply breathing.