I've found in my own journey of initiation over the last 15 years, that the availability of private instruction in the occult arts and sciences is rather slim. Live schools are impossible to find. The Gurdjieffians, the O.T.O., etc. are spiritually bankrupt, having lost the true secret key to their own works - proven in the fact they have been incapable to produce true mastery through their methods... and their inability to keep their own doors open.

My own experience in publishing 'Excalibur: The Book of the Law: Solved' has shown me that the very basics and fundamentals of Occult Wisdom remain largely concealed, despite the availability of Occult texts in volumes online.

It is my own will to assist those of you who wish to open these "inner doors" for yourselves. Visit greatwhitebrotherhood.org for more information. I am only accepting ten students at a time. Priority always goes to current students.

- N.O.X. Infinitum