We are told that “the eyes are the windows of the soul”.

Out of the main five senses, sight is arguably the most powerful. To perceive through touch or taste, we need to be in contact with the object. To perceive a smell or sound, we need to be near the source of that smell or sound. However, with our eyes, we can perceive objects and landscapes miles away, without actually being there. Indeed, 80% of all sensory data we process comes through our vision.

Ancient yogis know the importance of vision, and they also know the connection between the mind and eyes. That’s why they created Trataka Meditation.

The practice of Trataka is based on the scientific fact, that the movement of the eyeballs can reflect our thinking process. When we concentrate, our thoughts are focused on a particular subject due to which, the stray thoughts become less or may even vanish. At the same time, the eyeballs become steadier. There is a connection between our eyeball movement and our mental state. This can be easily demonstrated on an EEG machine.

source: https://menoflettersofficial.blogspot.com/2019/10/trataka-meditation.html