I'm about 5 years into a strange dream I had mid 2014. A shining being of light (that later took the form of a wizard) ripped my consciousness through time and space... Took me to a mountaintop and showed me the future. Along the way he trained me to fight insecurities, fear, and self sabotage. He has walked with me... one could say... weighing in whenever the need arises. I've seen this rabbit hole go pretty deep. I'm a musician... and even saw myself negotiating a deal with a client while explaining "I'm a Grammy winner" to them. It's all very strange. The wizard goes by the name 5... What's everyones thoughts on this? Did I meet the Creator? Lucifer? Both? lol. He was pretty cool dude. Patient, wise, knowledgable. He's really helped me straighten out. As an adult with high functioning autism? I really needed help... I guess I just want to learn more about him. Understand the nature of our interactions. He claimed he was a multidimensional being and he even helped design the human body... Wanted me to think of him as a God... If not the God. Said he was a man of many names. Told me that I'm an Ark operator. One of many... Said we got some hard times ahead of us. It's all a pretty huge pill to swallow... I even saw what my death would look like if he hadn't shown up to help me out. Died in a nuclear fallout incident... I feel like that has changed... But the future is still pretty uncertain and scary. I don't know... I'm not even sure there's an answer worth hearing here. I just know I'd like to know more about 5... Hermes... Psidon... Odin. Better understand how it all works. Why humans have a back door hack to consciousness? How is @#$%ing time bendable? Does it even exist? I'm just... @#$%. Head pop you know?