I should state I am very new to the whole occult world. I've only casually studied the texts I have access too- namely digitized volumes of whatever I can find. For awhile I've been curious about a vague... feeling (?) I guess I just sort of have. It's regarding the nature of water as a sort of something grimly significance that I lack the words to coherently describe. I'm also mildly uncertain about what I actually feel.

I'm mildly aware of water in terms of divination, like scrying. I'm also curious if there's some connection between water and the concept of soul. I've also mused whether or not this has anything to do with a personal fixation (?)

However, before I make an conclusions I do want to find more established information. I'm just sort of lost in the vastness that is occult knowledge, if someone knows a good study on the magical/psychic/whatever application of water I'd be over the moon.

There are other questions I have (which I'll probably make similar posts about if I can't find a good advisers or sources) If a more experienced person is interested I'd be happy to pick your brain- namely about things like the heritability of powers/aptitudes, visual distortions such as visual static or snow, innate weakness of mind or body as a possible magical quality, fear of the dark, malicious shadows, being watched and innate nature of an individual in any context of any belief.

Sorry, that's a lot.