Okay, before we begin, I have to give some disclaimers/warnings. If you start to do this, you have to finish the job because if you don’t finish it, this meditation will really mess up your energetic body.

I developed this from a concept provided to me by Lucifer, and after a bit of work and experimenting, I came up with this final form of it.

To begin, you start with a basic chakra breathing meditation, where you visualize energy flowing into and out of your seven primary chakras as you breathe. This will open your chakras and make your energetic body more malleable for the main part of this working.

After your chakras are open, visualize energies pooling within your body around each of the chakras until your body is completely filled. At this point, you will mix the energies into what will feel like a spinning vortex that sits roughly between where the heart and solar plexus chakras sit. This basically turns your body into a single giant vessel for energies.

Now that you’ve 'merged' the chakras, you have to visualize several apparati that allows your body to vent/breathe energies as it did before you started this exercise. At each point where your chakras reside, visualize a mouth or sphincter that can open and close to intake/exhaust energies from your body.

This will feel unnatural at first, as a result of the temporary closing off of your energy body to the energies external to you, but it will greatly improve your sensitivity and attunement once you finish the exercise and acclimate to the changes.