I'm sort of new to the occult and not. I know a few things or have ideas to be honest.

I've done some psychic gigs before also found out about certain kinisesis also mystokinisis.

At some points in my life I was able to pull things out of this air... Most of the time by accident...

I feel I have magic though I'm not all there... Sometimes things just happen...

I've hand a wand I recently go rid of I felt it was time.

I know different words that are not nesciarrly words but for some reason they'll able to do things some times.

I find my self doubt full but have been around paranormal and occult things before when it happens I don't fully understand... I feel like in the past maybe in dreams I went to an occult school.

I figured out how to channel at times and other things, but honestly I don't practice much and can't seem to do it at will all the time... It just happens..

For instant there was this time my friend flipped the car in the air... And well I wanted us to land and drive off so I put my hand on the car and channeled and felt... A golden light happened and we got lucky...

Another time my friend was looking for his phone and I said let me look then I put my hand up for some reason and his phone fell from the sky.

It's seems when I'm happy real magic seems to happen or when there's an emergency.

Sometimes animals visit me sometime big birds..

I once used a peace of equipment a smart watch. I put it in a micro wave and used a spirit box on it and I amplified it with a psychic bubble using my hands after that... Where ever I was walking with it cars honked on their own and nobody were in them and the lights would turn off and on also auidio intricy or music would change, also when I used the calculator and though about something in a sense it would happen... How ever I did get rid of this device nutrulised it remotely...

I consirded it a macigcal eltronic device in a way.

Also I found my self able to tap into normal devices or objects that were used with magic or rituals for some reason.. I activate them when around not nesciarrly touching them at times...

Anyway its a pleasure to meet everyone, I do kinda wish I could go to special school or college for these things in person, so I could use at will..

Ps: I did do this in the past and present and think somone else did it to me too.

But kind of a magical safety lock...

In case I'm ever too emotional or something a safety lock activates.

I feel as though I had a past life with in this life and may of forgot something and that certain people check on me from time to time.

Wishing everyone well and warmth and light!!! :)