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A Pink candle meditation

Sep 9, 2021
Obvious come to mind, breast cancer awareness, the vagina, but then, healing, safety, war and peace come to mind and the dynamics and relationships between them. Tall flame. Red comes up from the base chakra, white light simultaneously comes down through the crown, the two meet and clash, and is transformed into a pink column of light. Serenity. Thered and white umbrella in my room, the red cross, particularly on the banner of my tarot contemplation ritual card XX.
War and peace ... always be prepared for war, seek peace. Desire and purity. A greater flame outward and to the sides, to ambush and flank. Keep the middle and the lower tucked away safely bu continual outside directed force. Work in social care or health care. Quit all other industry. Bonus as a therapist or nurse in a school district.