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[Archive] [Angelo] – [Hoodoo] Vinegar/Break-up Jar

A thread that was copied from the original Wizard Forums.


Glorious Light of Knowledge and Power
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Apr 12, 2021
This is a spell I just performed this evening.

I want my noisy neighbors to leave.

One way of reaching that goal is to make them break up, since I have not received yet my hotfoot items.

Items required​

  • 1 black candle carved with the names of the target. I also wrote "break up" crossing their names on it.
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Black Pepper
  • Red pepper (habano or any red pepper)
  • Poppy seeds
  • Vinegar
  • lemon
  • dog poo
  • 9 needles
  • 9 pieces of broken glasses
  • 9 nails (I only had 5 but as long as it's an odd number that's ok)
  • a jar
  • a piece of paper

Preparation of the Jar​

You can do that ritual any day of the week.

However you gather more agressive energies performing it on tuesday (day of Mars) or saturday (day of Saturn) OR at the hour of Mars or Saturn (I did it at the hour of Mars this evening).

1. Write on the paper the names of the couple (ex : Sarah&Paul, or both last names).

2. Write your petition on the back of the paper. It can be a simple "break up", or a more sophisticated petition such as "as this vinegar is sour, your relation ship get sourer and sourer every day bla bla"

3. Tear up the paper in half so that each name is one each side of the paper (beware : don't tear it up totally). Now fold each of the part of the paper with the name folding "back to back" (the names musn't be in contact when you fold the paper). Put the paper inside the jar.

4. Take the jar and put one after one each ingredient inside the jar. Each ingredient as a symbolism and you have to state your intent adding each one inside the jar :

- needles&nails represent needles they throwing at each other, wounds they're inflicting each other

- red and black pepper and cayenne pepper bring discord and strifes

- poppy seeds bring confusion into their relationship, they can't communicate each other anymore

- broken glass represent their broken relationship (or breakening relationship)

- dog poo litterally shit their relationship (I admit that collecting dog poo was the gross part of the ritual)

So, each time you put an ingredient you make the right statement (ie : when adding poppy seeds you state that they're now confused and can't understand nor communicate each other anymore). Do that for each ingredient.

5. Finish by filling the jar almost full with the vinegar (whatever kind of vinegar except basamic because it's too soft). Here again, state that their relationship is becoming sourer and sourer from now and that their only relief is to break up and never communicate again.

Close the jar.

6. Shake it cursing the targets, wishing them the worst (strifes, discord, hate, anger, miscommunication, confusion, break up, death of their love etc, be creative !).

7. Take the black candle. Anoint it with vinegar and sprinkle cayenne pepper on it. If you have some dark oils (break up oil, black arts, destruction etc) you can use it. I hadn't, so I elected to use vinegar since it's sour so the symbolism with cayenne pepper is perfect.

Light the candle, melt some wax on the jar and fix the candle on it.

So you have your jar with the black candle burning onto it.

But wait, that's not finished ! (it could but I added some more dark energies with what I explain below)


8. Now look at the candle burning and visualise a black mist. Inside that black mist imagine the targets fighting, arguing, going to bed at night each one on one side of the bed, not talking to each other when they wake up etc etc (be creative, imagine the more situations of anger/strifes/conflicts possible).

You keep the black mist around them while you visualise all those bad things cause you want them to be suffocated by darkness.

Visualise for 15 minutes (I warn you, this is VERY long, so I hope your visualisation skills are ok) still watching the candle.

While visualising you can mentally talk to them, wishing them the worst, to always argue, not loving each other anymore, that they have to break up to find peace etc etc.

When the 15mns has elapsed stand up and leave the candle burning till the end.

9. Proceed to a cleansing bath with Hyssop or Holy Water. If you have not any of them, a good cleansing hoodoo bath can be made with black pepper+red pepper+a cup of vinegar put in a warm tube. Baptise yourself with the water while reading psalm 51. Air dry, put some clean clothes, collect some of the tub water and toss it over your left shoulder toward the east and walk away without looking back.

10. Shake your jar everyday visualising all the bad things happening to the target and cursing them out loud.

11. Burn a black candle dressed with vinegar+cayenne pepper everyday for 7 or 9 days. You can also burn the candle only on tuesday and saturday.

ps : every remaning of the wax can be tossed at a crossroads or in running water.

So this is a simple vinegar jar spell I have enhanced a bit.

I will keep the thread updated with the results.

Additional Notes:​

Forgot to tell that the black candle is carved (with one of the nails) with the names of the targets, and that I crossed their names with "break up" (still carved with nail).

Euoi Wrote:
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You should note that burning a black candle every time you shake it isn't require. Violently shaking it and cursing them out loud will suffice.


In hoodoo, there's never one sole way of doing things.

You can :

  • burn a candle everyday for x nights (7 or 9)
  • but a candle only every tuesday and saturday
  • burn a candle everyday for x nights but only 15mns every day
  • don't burn candles and just shake&curse

In this ritual, you shake&curse everyday AND THEN burn a black candle but for 15 mns, because you add the visualisation part which is part of this spell, so every shaking&cursing is followed by 15mns visualisation over the flame of a dressed black candle.