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[Archive] [Araignee] Grand Rite of Evocation - The Basics

A thread that was copied from the original Wizard Forums.


Apr 20, 2021
"By the pricking of my thumb, something wicked this way comes..."

This is the second thread in a series of threads that we are writing on suggestions given to us by members on this forum. Remember: this is written especially for the novices and for those who struggle with evocation - it's very basic. This is by far not all that we know, for numerous reasons.

May this thread enlighten you, give you ideas and help you in order to achieve excellent results in evocation. If you have any questions on us, our methods or if you have specific questions - feel free to PM us.


The most arcane rite of all occult practices, must surely be the Evocation rite. There are countless books and tutorials written on the subject matter, in most cases based on RHP or LHP points of view.

The closest we have come to a non bias rite of evocation, was in the book "Evoking Eternity" - most of you know this author. Well written, however it seems like a bit of a "rush-job" to us. Lacking in insight concerning preperation (which we have covered in a previous thread), however this post is not a book review. Let's get back to business.

This rite is a basic no bullsh*t approach to succeeding in Evoking a Spirit or Entity. No "glitz and glam", no "demonic" hordes crawling from a pit, ready to lick your ass at a mere gesture...no, this is the real deal.

For those of you who thought evocation is a game or a method for sating a thirst for thrills...this is not for you. Rather watch Harry-Potter and indulge in a RPG, it's safer this way. We had to preform MANY exorcisms due to ignorance and thrill seeking...and sadly, some couldn't be "saved". (We will keep this for a later thread.)

Here follows a basic rite of evocation to assure you success when conjuring Spirits. (In the Western sense and tradition.) Remember the basics of the Arts throughout - we will not be held responsible for any adverse effects whatsoever.

Throughout evocation you will come across vastly powerful Beings and Entities - remember that and treat Them with the honour and respect that They deserve.

Follow the steps on our previous thread on Building A Relationship with Entities. Do this for at least 7 days prior to the Evocation.

Note: This rite is performed without a circle of protection as you will not need protection against the forces you call upon for help. The altar will face the triangle of evocation.

The altar will house the following items:

Black handled dagger a.k.a athame.
b) The second sigil/seal/effigee etc. flanked by two candles corresponding to the spirit's colour.
c) Extra incence to be placed on the incence burner during intervals.
d) An offering to the spirit of some kind.

The Rite:

Preparation of the rite starts at a minimum of 7 days in advance. Decide on the day/night, hour, moon phase, planet etc that corresponds to the Spirit and operation.

The altar and evocation area will be dedicated to the Spirit which you are going to summon - burning It's favorite incence and charging the atmosphere etc.

3) Create and Empower the second seal using any method which is appropriate to you - for example smudging or creative visualization. Do the same with the ruling Spirit's seal.

On the day/night of the evocation:

a) Burn copious amounts of incence in the evocation area.

b) Draw up a triangle of evocation pointing in the cardinal corresponding to the Spirit.

c) Place the Spirit's seal (on top of empowered ruling Spirit's seal - if applicable) in the centre of the evocation triangle.

d) Place the censor or incence holder on top of the seal and one candle on each point of the triangle.

e) Now perform any preliminary meditations or banishings etc. Light altar candles.

f) Light the incence on the evocation triangle and light the candles in a clockwise manner.

g) Now perform the preliminary evocation - which would be the Spirit Enn or Spirit Calling. (You may use the athame pointing in the cardinal direction of the Spirit. The athame represents authority etc.)

h) The prime evocation will be as follows:

In cases where there is a Ruling Spirit, state the following first:

"Mighty King (Prince, Duke etc) .......(name)..... I hereby call you by these mighty words...(Ruling Spirit Enn)....In your mighty name and by your majestic office, do I ask of you to bring forth....(subject Spirit)....Who is under Your rule of office. Bring forth...(subject Spirit)...swiftly, intelligable and in visible form - here, now, in this place I have prepared.

I honor you mighty and Glorious....(Ruling King, Duke etc name).....and by Your calling of power...( ruling Spirits Enn)...it is so!"

Look down upon the Spirit's seal, concentrate on your intent, close your eyes and let the Spirit's seal burn into your mind, seeing it clearly. Open your eyes, look down at the seal and with a clear and unwavering voice say:

"Mighty Spirit ...(Spirit's name)...( followed by Spirit's Enn) , I Call you forth in the name of......(ruling Spirit)....... on this day/night and hour of ...(planet)... to come forth and manifest visibly and intelligably in this place which I have prepared for you."

Repeat this for the amount that corresponds to the Spirit - i.e. the Spirit's number. If not available, do so 7 times.

i) Once you have repeated this, silently repeat the Spirit's name for the same number of times with eyes closed and head lowered.

j) State the following: (If this is needed.)

"Mighty Spirit ...(Spirit's name)...if You are present here and now - I ask of You to make Yourself known to me by disturbing the air or making a sound so that I may know without a doubt that You are present. Do so now!"

k) Once the Spirit is present, CONFIRM that it is indeed the Entity/Spirit you want to evoke. Ask It to reveal It's seal in your "mind's eye" and for It to state It's name. Once you have confirmed this, greet the Spirit by It's name and present It your offering.

l) Keep your communications short and to the point - remain focussed.

5) Once you are done with any communications/workings with the Spirit, you may do one of the following:

a) Thank the Spirit for communicating with you and ask It to return from where It has come from. Once this is done, perform a cleansing etc. (Remember to thank and dismiss the Ruling Spirit respectfully - not optional)


Thank the Spirit for communicating with you and tell It that It can leave whenever It wishes to. If you do this, the ritual area will be impregnated with spiritual residual energy and future manifestations will come more swiftly. Do NOT perform a cleansing.

Remember - once the evocation area has been dedicated to a specific Spirit, no other Spirit can inhabit that area until you do a cleansing and remove all residual energy. THIS IS ONLY ADVISABLE IF YOU ARE WORKING WITH ONE SPECIFIC SPIRIT AT A TIME OR IF YOU ARE AN ADEPT IN EVOCATION.



Apr 20, 2021

Closing notes:

On a closing note, it is preferable that you do not attempt any evocation if you are completely new in practicing the Arts. Get yourself a teacher, or thoroughly research the matter. Dabbling leads to death, or worse - remember that.

Always keep the planetary days/nights and hours in mind!

If you call upon an Entity from a certain "group" or etc...MAKE SURE that your evocation rite and methods do not contrast against the nature of the Entity. It will result in chaos if you don't pay attention to this.

Speak and treat Them with authority yet with respect - at all times and places. Remember, once you call upon Their Kings or Rulers, They have no choice but to obey Their Ruler.

Entities do not take well to being commanded out of arrogance - always operate in spirit and in truth...whether it's "LHP" or "RHP" orientated. If They feel that you are treating Them without respect - They WILL turn your life upside-down...to say the least. A little respect goes a long way - remember this.

The incence serves as a base from which the Entity will draw power from it's essence. You may use fresh blood as well, however - this is not advisable for beginners. Some prefer to use scrying mirrors and other mediums to communicate with the Entities evoked - use what you feel comfortable with.

Before you start the rite you can call upon a Watcher, Guardian or Sentinel to watch over the rite without having to draw up a circle of protection.

REMEMBER: Not all Entities choose to make Themselves visible to you. Some choose to make Themselves known through other means such as major to slight atmospheric changes, various noises, various sensations etc. These same Entities choose to make Themselves known in your "minds-eye", this is why it's imperative to keep your mind clear and open yet focussed at all times.

Research the Entity you wish to call upon properly, however - take all the research you find with a pinch of salt. Let the Entities reveal Themselves to you - we cannot stress this enough. Entities do not appear exactly the same to all who call upon Them! Remember, these mighty Beings have different moods and preferences, just like everyone else.

NEVER USE MYRRH IN EVOCATION for this is more likely to draw Imps, Shells or lower forms.

Most of the Spirits have a Ruling Spirit, so keep that in mind before evoking - for you need to call upon the Ruling Spirit first. This is basic knowledge.


This western evocation rite is only a "Skeleton-Key" version of evocation. This may be used universally for western evocation. If you are more knowledgeable in the Arts - feel free to chop and change or don't use it at all.

DO NOT AT ANY TIME ENVISION HOW THE BEING MIGHT LOOK!! THIS IS ONE OF THE KEY REASONS WHY EVOCATION FAILS!!! Let the Being reveal Itself to you how It wants you to see It. Do not believe ANY appearence descriptions from sources other than the Being Itself.