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Astral Spiders


Sep 5, 2021
I've been doing trascendental meditation everyday. Stopped consuming stimulants (alcohol and caffeine).
I had this experience where at 3 am I was awakened by a woman's voice. I know I was not dreaming, because I was receiving some WhatsApp messages.
I looked up to the ceiling and I saw several big and translucent spiders, strangely enough I was not afraid,
It felt like they were just attentively observing me, I just decided to go back to sleep.
Anyone has any information on these entities?

Irish Bard

Sep 16, 2021
Spiders have a huge range of symbolic meanings beyond the rather lazy and childish "scary". Can I ask where you're from or what traditions you follow? The history of the spider symbol in your culture would be important. Of course the most important question is what do YOU instinctively feel they represent to you?


Jun 30, 2021
Well i am able to work with different backgrounds, or at least help someone tru theirs using synchronicities.

Overall i like nature to give me the symbolism. Like a female spider eating her male after sex or how she carries her children on her back. Or the hunterspiders who weave a downward spiral and sit at the bottom waiting for a prey to fall in.

The stories of anansi are also quite nice, if you like tricksters. I even found some stories about him in islam. He's a great teacher.

But also in masonry where the ladies become weavers or bees or both.

There are also stories that are hardly known, like the chrystal spiders from south america. Or at least thats were they say they come from. i know the Bermuda triangle portal and the alien lore there. So who knows. These days ayahuasca trips are popular so it might be that. The more people heal, the bigger the changes on all planes and ayahuasca goes right tru everything and nothing till you are were you need be.

I also know some big players in the occult scene have died, so it could also have to do with that. The next ones will do things differently and therefore are weaving a new web.

So there you have it, some possible ways of looking at it.