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[Archive] [Brother MOLOCH 969] Ophiel's How to Create A Familiar

A thread that was copied from the original Wizard Forums.
How to Create a Familiar
By 'Ophiel'​

Ophiel and the Gnostic Institute present the following instructions on how to create a 'FAMILIAR', Ophiel hopes that you will master and use these instructions fully and that you use them to help you in your daily life from now on.

A 'Familiar' is an old-time name for a sort of assistant-associate-extension of himself, which the occultist living in medieval times was able to create, out of 'INNER PLANE MATERIAL', using knowledge-methods adapted from the knowledge-system of the 'Caballa' (spelt variously, also as 'Kabbalah', 'Quabalah' etc.)

Naturally, it goes without saying, that the 'Roman Catholic Church' then in power was very much opposed to these private occult practices and did succeed in their suppression and actually killed many of the occultists who did this operation. Driving them underground and also discredited them by labelling them witches and warlocks.

The forces of world opinion have again come around to the place where the power of the 'Roman Catholic Church' has been greatly curtailed and much occult knowledge has been and is being rediscovered and recovered from the great store house of 'ASTRAL IMAGES.' Is now being made available to you, this is in order that you can help yourself to a better life on the 'Physical Plane'. This is the 'avowed object' of this series of lessons from the 'Gnostic Institute.'

In the following instructions-knowledge-operations you will learn how to create a body-vehicle you can learn to 'Occupy' 'Live-in' and learn to use and operate in many different ways and for many different kinds of work.

Now at the start of this study I want to assure those of you who may have some doubts about this work that there is nothing harmful or dangerous about it. The knowledge embodied in this lesson is a necessary step for you to learn in your efforts to master this physical life. You will make no real progress in and on the physical plane until you have some knowledge and ideas of what goes on 'Behind' all 'PHYSICAL FORMS'.

Much of which I am going to teach you in this lesson you now do and do all the time naturally and you have always done it naturally. The difference is that you are now going to learn to do it consciously and on purpose, with knowledge and power. In teaching this operation to you I intend to use several different methods to enable you to get an all-round grip on the main idea behind the instructions.


This idea will be shown clearly in the first exercise that you will do, the work, study of your hands. The second exercise will show you how to extend the work-study to the whole of the body. This will be followed by exercises, first in the physical and then in the 'Astral Plane' and then both together and then in the 'ASTRAL' alone.

First, as in all 'REAL' systems of 'INNER DEVELOPMENT', YOU START WITH THE PHYSICAL PLANE? In this exercise you start with the fingers of your right hand. Hold your right hand up in front of you. Turn your hand both ways and in all directions. Look at it as if you never saw it before? Then, holding your right hand with the palm towards you, move the thumb over the palm and say as you do this: 'THUMB', then keeping the thumb bent over the palm, bend the first finger down over the thumb/palm and say 'FIRST FINGER'. Then, bend the second finger down over the thumb-palm and say 'SECOND FINGER'. Then, bend the third finger over the thumb-palm and say 'THIRD FINGER'. Then bend the little finger over the thumb-palm and say 'LITTLE FINGER. Now reverse this procedure by raising the little finger and again saying 'LITTLE FINGER' and so on back down to the thumb.

Repeat this exercise about five times during the first day and increase it several times each day for a week After a few weeks work on your right hand you should then switch to the left hand, increasing the times the same way you did before. Take your time about this, don't rush it and don't force or pressure yourself to increase the movements to fast. Rather, do the movements with naturalness and earnestness and with deep feelings of the 'MEANINGFULNESS' of the hand-movements.

After two or three weeks of work on the hands individually start using both hands and build up to about twenty movements of each hand. In three or four weeks you should be able to close your eyes and see an image of your 'Inner Hands' do the same work as your physical hands are doing and at the same time. When this time comes, close your eyes and watch the 'Etheric-Astral' hands do the movements along with the exercising of the physical hands. Don't force this, just experiment a little on it.

Next, lie on your back and put your right leg up in the air as you did with your right hand, first studying your leg as if you had never saw it before and then work with your leg in much the same way as you did with your hands. But this time you can develop you own 'calls' on the movements. If you use your toes, then do so with the calls but do what seems best for you and suits you best. Take a week with each leg but also keep up the work on your hands.

Next, sit down in a chair and bend forwards and backwards as far as you can and then bend from side to side, saying the 'words' or 'calls' to fir the actions. Take a week for this but keep up the work of the other exercises. From time to time you can close your eyes and study the 'IMAGE' of your 'INNER BODY' that should begin to appear to you. This is what you are building up. This 'INNER BODY' should appear as a grey-white shadow outline form. You can begin to practice moving this 'INNER BODY' more and more by itself and in connection with your physical body.

It is important that you should keep a diary of these exercises and note the times when they are easy and other times when they are not so easy. This is important information that you can only get from yourself and by yourself with regards to your own personal good times and bad times. There is no substitute for this kind of information about your self.

After five or six weeks have passed with these preliminary exercises-work, you will now into a period of extended exercising of you 'INNER BODY'. For the purpose of this extended exercise you will 'USE' a 'RITUAL' the use of this ritual which I am about to give you has the added advantage of giving you 'ACCESS' to sources of 'COSMIC ENERGY-POWER WHICH YOU WILL FIND VITALLY HELPFUL IN YOUR PHYSICAL LIFE-BEING-LIVING?'

Memorise the following material and memorise it so well that you will be able to recite it without stopping to think what comes next. It sounds easy and it is easy but it is also a bit complicated, involving as it does some synchronised word-actions. As you continue to study Ophiel's lessons from the 'Gnostic Institute' you in time learn the deeper, inner meanings of this ritual and of these words. The 'Ritual' will still work well enough for you now.
1. Touch the forehead and say 'ATOR' (thou art)
2. Touch the breast and say 'MALKOOTH' (the kingdom)
3. Touch the right shoulder and say 'Ve-Gevurah' (the power)
4. Touch the left shoulder and say 'Ve-Gedulah' (the glory)
5. Clasp the fingers together and say 'Le-Olahm' (forever, AMEN)

The cabalistic cross 'Ritual' above is the preamble to the next section, which is.

Face east, visualise a steel dagger in your right hand and with it you trace a five-pointed star, a 'BANISHING EARTH STAR' called a 'Pentagram' according to whether it is morning or night as indicated in the diagram at the end of this lesson.

After completing the star 'Stab it in its centre and say' out loud, 'Y.H.V.H.' which is pronounced 'YOD-HEH-VAV-HEH'.

Turn to the South, still holding out your arm with the dagger while turning and trace another star in the same way/direction, then stab it in its centre and say, 'ADNI' which is pronounced 'AH-DOH-NAI'.

Turn to the West, trace the star, stab it and say 'AHIH' which is pronounced 'EH-HE-YEH'.

Turn to the North, trace the star, stab it and say 'AGLA' which is pronounced 'AH-GAL-LAH'.

Complete the circle by turning all the way round, to the 'East' again and extend your arms out sideways in the form of a cross, facing east and say.

'For before me is 'Raphael', behind me is 'Gabriel' on my right hand is 'Michael' and on my left hand is 'Auriel'. For before me flames the pentagram and behind me is the 'Six-rayed' star' Repeat the 'Cabalistic' cross.

You should repeat the entire 'Ritual' morning and night, noting the difference in the way that the stars are made as indicated in the diagram. Learn this 'Ritual' thoroughly; take about a month to work it carefully. Apart from this you should perform this ritual every day as it does have definite good effect on your whole being, from the 'Physical' to the 'Spiritual'. Do not force the ritual; later on you will learn to expand it in several different directions and dimensions. Remember, do it morning and night and continue with your other work.

After you have practised the entire ritual for some weeks and know it very well, do the following, take a teaspoon of alcohol and place it in a dish or some fireproof material. Do this in a dark room or at night when you can see the flame easily. When it is burning, note the colour and the way in which the flame 'wavers'. When you can get both the colour and the 'wavering ' motion exact in your mind and recall them at will when you close your eyes, then add them to your ritual.

In the meantime, you are of course, to keep up your work with the 'Ritual' (the entire ritual described on the previous page.) with this addition. As you take the dagger in your hand, visualise it outlined in the blue flame. As you turn with the dagger pointing out from you see the circle you are making outlined in the same blue flames and also the stars you 'draw/make'. When you have finished you should be standing in the centre of a large blue circle surrounded by four large flaming blue stars. One for each 'Quarter' of the 'EARTH'.

At times your work will proceed well and the visualisation will be quite 'clear', at other times, your work will be hard to do and the visualisations quite 'dull'. Note both these times in your diary along with any other data that you have and see what you can find out 'Astrologically' about these times and what they have in common.

Remember that all this time you have been working with the 'ritual' you should have been continuing your work of seeing and moving your 'INNER BODY'. When you reach the point where the ritual is letter perfect and your visualisation of the blue flame circle is good and you can 'see' your 'INNER ASTRAL BODY' of light very well, then do as follows.

Get ready to perform the ritual, bring a chair with you into the circle area, start and finish the ritual and then seat your self in the chair facing 'East'. SEE THE 'INNER BODY' YOU HAVE BEEN WORKING WITH NOW FOR THIS LONG TIME STEP OUT OF THE SEATED PHYSICAL BODY AND STAND UP IN FRONT OF YOU. YOU ARE TO REMAIN SEATED AND PUT THIS 'BODY OF LIGHT' THROUGH THE RITUAL-WORK MANY TIMES.

Practice this many times, use all the ways you can think of, do the 'ritual' physically. Have the 'Body of Light' do the ritual alone. Do the ritual with the physical body and the body of light together. With practice you will develop a good control over this 'ASTRAL BODY'. 'Don't be impatient! This is a great 'ART WORK?'


From now on it is just a matter of training-work-training-work, naturally, the more you work and use the 'Body of Light' the more it will become trained, just as your 'Physical' body has become trained through 'USE?' You will soon discover, very soon, that this 'Body of Light' will possess some will and life and independent movement of its own. However, as you have developed it inside the circle you should have no trouble with it. No outside forces can control it. The more you work with it the more of yourself and your knowledge and intelligence and life powers you can transfer to it.

Just as an athlete must train his physical body and keep it 'practice', so must the occultist train his 'Astral body' and keep on practising using it. When you are not using your 'Familiar' keep it inside you. Draw it back into you, give your 'Familiar' a name and 'talk' to it. In time, it will develop a kind of independent existence of its own but do not be alarmed about this, as it exists only as an extension of yourself. You can easily end its independence anytime that you wish by bringing it back into yourself.

Remember even your physical body had a kind of independence from yourself it may be fatigued when you are filled with ideas and desires you want the physical body to carry out. How much less real independence this 'Familiar' you have yourself created can have then is obvious. Are you going to work against your self?

Of course not and neither is this extension or yourself that you have created to help you through this tough physical life. Whatever you may have heard to the contrary or whatever you may have been told, all this 'Familiar' ever was is just what I have shown you how to 'Create-make' it is an extension of yourself.

You do not really 'CREATE' this extension either, it was 'THERE' all the time but you have just given it definite 'POWER TO MOVE' in 'DIFFERENT WAYS' from before and learned to 'USE IT CONSCIOUSLY?'

As it the use of you 'Familiar' you should pick this up rapidly as you practice with it but if you don't then you had better contact me for more directions and information but first do the work of 'Creating' it and practising it as described in this lesson.

© Edward C. Peach.


May 1, 2021
Wonderful, short, direct and Simple steps.

How many books has he written and their titles?