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[Archive] [Brother MOLOCH 969] Picture Focus

A thread that was copied from the original Wizard Forums.
Picture Focus
by Brother MOLOCH 969
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So many of you know this technique already. Hell, it's most likely one you learned it in your first 101 magic book years ago. The nifty thing is you were amazed at how easy and effective this technique was back then when you first tried it and for whatever reason you forgot about it.

We all have a tendency to do these sorts of things, y'know. Discover and learn a procedure that we find works well and then we promptly forget about it in favor of finding the next big thing. It's a human trait that everyone in the occult world seems to have in common so there really is no blame here to be had.

The Procedure:

What you need is a quiet place in which to work and a photograph of something you want - a desire, a goal, an object, a thing - something that you want. Realize that this is not a fast method though it most likely will come about a whole lot faster than when you first tried it years ago when you were a blunt novice at this so give yourself some credit.


First you need to calm yourself and relax. Get yourself into an Alpha state of mind. Use a simple relaxation technique to bring your heart beat down to a slow and steady sixty beats a minute while focusing on your breathing and its rhythm. The cadence will allow you and your mind to relax and as you activate your imagination, you can begin to fire up your mental powers of sight, sound, smell, touch and include them all in this simple exercise.

In my booklet,
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, I make an effort to explain the whole 4242 Breathing Rhythm method which is simply you begin to breathe in slowly while counting to a count of four then you hold your breath for a count of two then you fully exhale for a count of four and finally hold for a count of two. That in a nutshell is the 4242 Breathing Method. It's simple. Effective and I've used it for almost 30 years now and have taught it to scads of people since.

As an advanced practitioner, you should be able to do this for around twenty minutes without any sort of effort or difficulty. Just relax and revel in the moment. Novices typically need to work their way up to three minutes to start and Intermediate students should be able to do five to eight minutes by now if not longer.

Choosing A Power Generation Method

Before you can begin to do any sort of sorcery, you need to amp yourself up. There are many ways of generating power. Some folks like using methods that rely on absorbing power from the earth below us so they like to sit and will that force up into their body and then build it up that way before they use it.

Others who are into Franz Bardon prefer to use the Pore Breathing or Ether Absorption technique whereby you literally imagine you are breathing in power from the very air you breathe into your lungs and body, as if it were a sponge. Your very pores begin to absorb this power into you fully as you build up your charge of power to use.

Still others like the eastern Chakras system whereby you start at the root Chakra and begin to meditate on building the power which resides there. Then slowly moving upwards to the next Chakra power point and so on all the while releasing the serpent until all seven of your major Chakras have been fully charged and the mighty serpent of Kundalini has been awakened.

Some prefer the safer yet still awesomely powerful inverse Chakra system of the Golden Dawn's Middle Pillar ritual where five of the major Chakras are fired up but this time starting from the crown Chakra down to the feet. This often builds up a sufficiently powerful charge for use in most ritual and spell procedures especially if you regularly perform it twice daily.

The JuJu

Now that you're sufficiently relaxed and your power reserves are on full, it is time to do your JuJu with your photograph or picture. Hold the image of what you desire in your hands. Focus your entire attention on it to the exclusion of all else. Now, the image represents whatever it is you desire so to have that desire you must find a way to put yourself, i.e. your own image, INTO the picture or photograph.

No I'm not suggesting you screw around with Photoshop to do this because that's what amateurs have to do, not a competent and well trained sorcerer. Use your imagination just like you did when you used to imagine you were a rock star on stage or a professional wrestler body slamming someone or a Viking slaying an enemy - it's your imagination so invoke its power and use it. (The art of "pretend" is all but lost on so many adults today.) Imagine yourself in the photo enjoying what it is you desire. Fully enjoying it.

Now imagine each of your senses being engaged in the image as well. This means if your desire is a to get the funds for a much needed new vehicle, then imagine yourself in the new vehicles. Your image of the new vehicle is in front of you, now imagine you're sitting behind the wheel. Imagine the feeling of gripping the steering wheel, the new car smell, the sound of the engine as it roars down the road, feel the of the wind on your skin as the air rushes past with the windows down - engage ALL of your senses or as many as you possibly can. Imagine, visualize and enhance this for as long as you can.

Mentally hold this in your mind for a while. Usually a few minutes will suffice but around the end of this time then you should begin to will the power you built up from your power collecting ritual to start flowing out of your body, down your arms, through your hands and into the photograph or picture. Continue to do this until the image becomes a blur to your mind. The power should come out until it feels exhausted or you feel you've done enough.

Moloch's "The Big Finish"

Now this part is all my own where I suggest you stand, face east, hold out your photo to the east and say, "Spirits of the east, witness my desire cast out into the universe!" Now bow in respect (you do this by curtsying or slightly bending your knees and standing straight up again without bending forward.)

Turn right to face West, hold photo or picture to the west and say, "Spirits of the west, witness my desire cast out into the universe!" Once again bow and turn left to face north. Repeat all the steps in the east and west but this time just substitute "spirits of north" and do the same to the spirits of the south when you turn right to face them as well. Remember to bow at each corner out of respect.

When you are done. Lay the photo on your work table and leave a small white tea light candle burning next to it. Go about your business as you see fit.