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Buer (public testimony of success)


Sep 20, 2022
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I write this post to tell of my success in working with the 10th demon of the Goetia, Buer, for helping me to overcome the problem of nagging injuries that was seriously inhibiting my ability to ride BMX every day at full capacity.

I had an issue previously from running where my left knee was always hurting me when I went running, and it got to a point where I couldn't run because it was just too hard on my knees. I bought a Mongoose Legion L100 BMX bike to replace the cardio with biking.

Initially, I only planned on riding it like a regular bike, but then i started getting really into it and learning tricks and going off jumps and developed a passion for BMX riding. I throw on some heavy metal like Dissection or Behemoth and tear it up, it is so much fun and a good outlet for aggression. But it got to a point where even that was being seriously hampered by this nagging injury to my left knee, obviously from all the impact from landing jumps.

I had been trying out some of the demon magick from the Goetia, using the methods employed by the Gallery of Magick, from Gordon Winterfield's Demon's of Magick. I have been familiar with the Goetia for many years but I like this person's approach best.

For my knee injury, I employed the 10th demon, Buer, to speed recovery from injury, but in my request I phrased it so that I would not just be asking for it to heal that one time, but everytime my knee was bothering me from riding the day before, since this is a nagging, continuous problem, so that each following day it would heal fast enough to be able to ride my bike without the strain from the previous day inhibiting me at all, so it would be a continuous thing.

I like to ride every day, and I have had success with Buer in this matter, and even on days when my knee is sore or bothering me, when I think that I wont be able to ride, it so happens that, strangely, somehow, without fail, every day, when I am about to ride, the pain clears up and I am not inhibited at all and I can still ride at full capacity, which is great.

I offered to make a public testimony should Buer come through for me and help me in this matter, and this post is to vouch for that noble deed that has been done for me by this demon, for I feel that it has exceeded my expectations. A nod to Buer and I would recommend this demon to help with nagging injuries such as mine.


Jun 30, 2021
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Hi there, congrats on your new friend. 🙂
You seem the writer, hope you post more or at least an introduction.

With love,


May 22, 2022
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Very intelligently done, I love the idea of continuous faster healing.
The problem could be that the effect works only as a painkiller. That could severely damage your knee on the longer run.