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DIY vape Juice


Apr 18, 2021
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Hey guys,

As requested, here's the guide for vape juice. Its really easy to make and beats going to the store to buy the little 50 or 100 ml bottles.

What you need.

1. A bowl or a small container, plus points if it has a non stick coating but literally anything will do.
2. 4 liquid syringes ranging from 2 100ml capacity, and 2 10ml capacity or close to it.
3. Gloves
4. a vape (for testing your mixture)

Ingredients (this is a very short list)

1. Propelene Glycol (preferably USP grade as its considered safe for human consumption)
2. Vegetable Glycerin (interesting fact, this is the same thing they use for making fog solutions in fog machines and disinfecting fog solutions, that you see people use when they are disinfecting hospitals haha)
3. Freebase Nicotine or even better some Salt Based nicotine if you can get your hands on some
4. Any liquid flavor you want (protip: best flavors to use are ones used in hard candies as they have high heat tolerances and wont just vaporize when you apply heat to them)


ingredient percentage grams per liter 100ml
propelyn glycol
vegetable glycerin
liquid nicotine<1.00%100mg to 450mg10mg to 45 mg


1. This is pretty much another blend and mix well type of process. Make sure to keep a separate syringe for each item and to avoid using syringes for more than one type of ingredient to make sure that there is not cross contamination of the ingredients.
2. In your bowl or Tupperware container mix the Propylene Glycol and the Vegetable Glycerin using your syringes to make accurate measurements on the ingredients your are blending.
3. Take your smaller syringes and use it to measure out the flavors you will blend into your juice, max thresh hold for most flavors is around 10% of the actual blend, if you go higher you might get a flavor that is either bitter or overpowering so this is a trial and error type of step and put in the flavor you want to taste. You can actually literally taste the liquid at this point to get a good idea of how your juice flavor is turning out. What your tongue will taste at this stage just deduct about 10%to it in terms of what your perceived flavor will be as a barometer.
4. Put in the liquid nicotine that your are using, if you are using a free base nicotine liquid, you will want to put less as putting in a large amount can really leave a nasty irritating feeling at the back of your throat when you smoke. You can be more liberal if you are using salt based nicotine as it is much much smoother than any free base nicotine liquid you can use.

Mix well, you can use a spoon or a fork in this stage or even just suck up the mixture using a different syringe and squeezing it out over and over again to help blend the juice.

put it in your vape and smoke away!